Villager Requests

Raising your Chemistry level with villagers, and proceeding through the story of the game, will require you to complete requests. For the individual villagers, you'll learn more about what the person's goals are when they ask for your help. The items that the person will want you to retrieve will be produced by your farming efforts, caught while fishing, excavated while mining, or collected by chopping trees.

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You can see the full list of your accepted requests by pressing the X Button on your Nintendo 3DS and then selecting the Requests button. You'll find a list of All active requests, a list of your story-based requests, a list of individual requests (which are listed below), and a list of requests that you have completed. Press the Y Button after you have selected a requests to see the info about the items that you have been requested to retrieve. You cannot cancel a request once you have accepted it.

The person cannot be walking around in the desert land when you want to give them the item for their request. The villagers must be in Skytree Village, either inside their house or walking around town.

If you have higher quality items that can be used to meet the criteria for the request (e.g., you have Great Marguerite for a request for Marguerite), you will be asked if you want to use that item when you go to turn in the request. If you select "no," then you will need to move that item to your farm storage so the game will use the normal-quality item instead.

When you are working on a request, when you see the prompt that reads "Your request progress has been updated," press the X Button to quickly launch the information about the request without having to open the X Button Menu.

Each villager and magical deity (except the Harvest Sprites) have a series of requests that become more challenging as you complete each one. Marriage candidates have up to 8 unique requests and normal villagers have 5 unique requests. After you complete their unique requests, the people will give you repeatable requests themed to the season that you received the request in (spring, summer, fall, or winter).

Request #5 will not become available until after you have restored the seventh Skytree.

Bastian's Farm to Table

Bastian wants to cook food that will bring visitors to the village. You will be in charge of bringing him ingredients.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
13 TomatoSam sells the seedsRecipe for Napolitan and Great Napolitan
22 Rainbow TroutCatch these fish in high elevationsRecipe for Rainbow Trout Cream Pasta
33 Great PotatoPotatoes can mature into Great quality during fall seasonRecipe for Vichyssoise and Great Vichyssoise
43 Great Tomato
3 Great Flour
Great quality Tomatoes and Wheat grow during summer. Process the Great Wheat into Great Flour by using a windmill. You can also win Great Flour from the seasonal cooking festival.Recipe for Margherita Pizza
53 Rainbow Trout
5 Great Cheese
Catch Rainbow Trout in a high elevation pond that is at least 3x3 in size. Great Cheese is made by cooking 25 Great Milk and 15 Salt using your kitchen.

Carol's Flowers

Carol would like you to bring her different types of flowers that she might be able to sell in her shop.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
13 Tulip
3 Marguerite
Carol sells the seeds in her shop10 Sunflower Seeds
1000 G
22 Tulip
2 Yellow Tulip
2 White Tulip
Yellow Tulip and White Tulip are mutations of Tulip when grown during Spring season10 cosmos seeds
1000 G
33 Pink Dahlia

Cyril's Country Life

He is curious about raising crops, since it isn't something he's experienced during his aristocratic life. Cyril will ask you to bring him crops to try out.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
13 CabbageSam sells Cabbage SeedsRecipe for Good Feed
3 Good Feed
23 TomatoSam sells Tomato SeedsRecipe for Delicious Feed
3 Delicious Feed
5 Great Fodder Corn
33 Glass MaterialStart working on the fifth Sytree to unlock a hammer, then go mining to collect the oreRecipe for Special Feed
3 Special Feed
45 FertilizerBuy Fertilizer from Sam for 50 G each.Recipe for Excellent Feed
53 Fodder Cornmeal
5 Piranha
Fodder Corn is a summer season mutation of Corn.

Dean's Fertilizer

Dean is trying to come up with new types of fertilizer for growing flowers and will ask you for ingredients. Once you unlock a fertilizer recipe, Sam oftentimes sells it in his inventory.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
13 Compost
3 Soil
You need to raise animals on your farm to collect Compost from the barn floor. You can dig soil using your Shovel or buy it from Sam.Recipe for Fertilizer
5 Fertilizer
25 Compost
3 Strawberry
Sam sells Strawberry Seeds for Recipe for Berry Blend Fertilizer
5 Berry Blend Fertilizer
35 Compost
3 Mosquitofish
The small-shadow fish are pretty commonRecipe for Mosquitofish Blend Fertilizer
5 Mosquitofish Blend
45 Compost
3 Durum Wheat Flour
Durum Wheat is a summer mutation of Wheat grown at high levels such as between the Harvest Goddess Spring and the northern mine. 3 Durum Wheat is needed to make 1 Durum Wheat Flour in the windmill. You can also buy it from Bastian for 253 G each.Recipe for Durum Wheat Blend fertilizer
5 Durum Wheat Blend
55 Compost
3 Yellow Cornmeal
First you need to unlock Sweet Corn by growing Corn during Summer and selling enough to unlock its seeds. Then grow Sweet Corn during Winter to mutate into Yellow Corn.

Doc's Invention

The mad scientist is too busy to leave his lab to collect materials, so he sends his "apprentice" to fetch the items for him.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
15 Softwood Lumber
1 Material Stone
Chop the cone trees to collect lumber. Have Gus refine stone into Material StoneBinoculars
Windmill Insta-Building
210 Softwood Lumber
2 Material Stone
It's the same as Doc's Invention 1Fertilizer Bin Insta-building
310 Hardwood Lumber
20 Softwood Lumber
10 Material Stone
You need to upgrade your axe as part of the sixth Skytree before you can chop down the leafy softwood lumber treesWell Insta-Building
45 Iron
5 Milk
3 Glass
Iron Ore and Glass Material can be collected from the mining nodes and then refined into Iron and Glass by Gus. Milk comes from your cows.4 Fences
4 Fence (L Shape)
51 Crystal
3 Gold
5 Mysterious Lumber
Crystal and Gold are processed by Gus. Mysterious Lumber is from hiring Woody to plant 1-day green trees in the desert, then chop the trees to get lumber2 Wooden Bridge
2 Stone Bridge

Elise's Cuisine

Elise wants to impress her dad with her cooking skills and will request you to bring her various ingredients she can practice with.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
12 TilapiaUse Elise's fishing rod to go catch the fishRecipe for Meuniere, Large Meuniere, Great Meuniere, Great Large Meuniere, Ultimate Meuniere, Ultimate Large Meuniere, Supreme Meuniere, Supreme Large Meuniere, Legendary Meuniere, and Leg. Large Meuniere
23 StrawberrySam sells the Strawberry SeedsRecipe for Black Bread and Great Black Bread
31 FlourGrow Wheat and then use the Windmill to process into Flour, or just buy it from Bastian for 169 GRecipe for Pizza Toast, Great Pizza Toast, Ultimate Pizza Toast, Supreme Pizza Toast, and Legendary Pizza Toast
45 MilkYou can get milk from your cowsRecipe for No-Bake Cheesecake, Great Cheesecake, Ultimate Cheesecake, Supreme Cheesecake, and Legendary Cheesecake
51 FlourIt is easier to simply buy it for 169 G from Bastian.Recipe for Gratin, Great Gratin, Ultimate Gratin, Supreme Gratin, and Legendary Gratin
62 Great FlourCan't be bought this time. Wheat can turn into Great Wheat during Summer season, then process it at a Windmill.

Gabriel's Animal Feed

The animal caretaker wants to research making great food to feed to animals. He will reward you with recipes for making animal feed using a windmill.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
13 CabbageSam sells Cabbage SeedsRecipes for Animal Feed and Great Animal Feed
23 StrawberrySam sells Strawberry SeedsRecipes for Silent Feed, Active Feed, Passion Feed, Good Feed, and Delicious Feed
33 CornSam sells Corn Seeds once you restore the 3rd SkytreeRecipes for Pride Feed, Spirit Feed, and Clean Feed
410 CornmealUse your windmill to create Cornmeal. 1 Corn per 1 CornmealRecipes for Spring Feed, Summer Feed, Fall Feed, and Winter Feed
53 Fodder CornmealFodder Corn is a mutation of Corn grown during Summer. Use the windmill to craft Fodder Cornmeal by using 2 Fodder Corn

Gareth's Research

The wizard is trying to discover why the area has become barren. Gareth wants you to bring him specimens to study.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
14 OnionSam sells the Onion SeedsRecipe for Patient Potion and Refreshing Potion
22 MosquitofishGo fishing in the streams and lakeRecipe for Fall Breeze Potion and Winter Breeze Potion
35 Softwood LumberGet an axe from Melanie and chop down the cone treesRecipe for Sophisticated Potion
43 Milk
3 Wool
These come from your livestock cows and sheepRecipe for Intelligent Potion
52 Adamantite OreHead to the mines on the west side of the farm land

Gorgon's Wish

The Underworld King wants you to bring him pretty items from the surface. His requests will become available after you have finished the Sixth Skytree storyline.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
13 Sunny RedThis is a fall-season flower mutation of Cosmos5 Iron Ore
2 Agate Ore

Gus' Earthly Ore

After you receive the Master Hammer from Gus, he'll start giving you requests to complete. He would like to work on some blacksmithing but he is out of ore to work with.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
16 Iron OreHit the mining nodes in the north or west mine10 Fodder Corn Seeds
1000 G
210 Glass MaterialFairly common ore from gray mining nodes10 Durum Wheat Seeds
1000 G
36 Gold Ore

Harvest God's Gift

The old fellow is a bit envious looking down at the wonders of the world below. He will request you to bring him items that he can see close up.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward 15 White BerryGrow Strawberry on grassy soil during winter to mutate into White Berry5 Scallion Seeds

Harvest Goddess's Whimsy

The goddess' requests are going to be challenging!

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
12 Petite OnionGrow Onion on dry soil during spring to mutate Scallions. Sell 30 to Sam to unlock Scallion Seeds. Then grow Scallions on dry soil during spring to mutate Petite Onions

Jeanne's Healthy Cooking

It is important to Jeanne that she be able to research nutritious recipes.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
13 CabbageSam sells Cabbage Seeds5 Fertilizer
25 CabbageSam sells Cabbage Seeds5 Berry Blend fertilizer
33 CelerySam sells Celery Seeds5 Tomato Blend fertilizer
43 CarrotsSam sells Carrot Seeds after the fourth Skytree is revived5 Mosquito Blend fertilizer
53 Hot PepperSam sells these seeds too5 Carp Blend fertilizer
63 RomanescoThis crop is a winter-season mutation of Broccolini, which is a fall-season mutation of Broccoli5 Organic Compost
73 Brown CarrotThis is a summer-season mutation of Carrot that grows on swampy soil5 Asparagus Blend fertilizer
82 MandrakeA mutation of Brown Carrot grown during fall season in low elevations using Mosquitofish Fertilizer

Melanie's Latest Fashion

She wants to start a fashion shop for clothing and home accessories. She'll need your help with materials to research the latest fashion trends.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
11 Donkey FurClip your Poitou Donkey to collect its fur1000 G
Yellow Side Ponytail
Cowgirl outfit
22 WoolClip the wool from your Sheep2000 G
Melanie's Designs will now be open Mon-Sat, 9am to 6pm. The Dresser option in the main menu is now unlocked.
310 Softwood Lumber
20 Soil
Collect lumber from cone trees, soil from the ground3000 G
Melanie's Designs now carries wallpaper patterns
410 Material Stone
30 Soil
You can get Material Stone by bringing 3 Stone to Gus and have it refined into 1 Material Stone.4000 G
Melanie's Designs now carries flooring patterns
51 Ultimate Wool
1 Ultimate Donkey Fur
Take good care of your sheep and poitou and eventually they will give better quality products10,000 G
Cute Hat
Cute Outfit
61 Supreme Wool
1 Supreme Donkey Fur
Take good care of your sheep and poitou and eventually they will give better quality products

Michael's Manly Moves

Because Sally teased him about his size, Michael wants to quickly grow up big and strong. He will ask you to bring him food to eat to increase his strength

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
13 BreadMake the bread using your kitchen by combining 3 Flour and 1 Salt. You can also buy Bread from Bastian for 338 G each.5 Tomato Blend fertilizer
23 PerchThis is a common fish you can catch while fishing5 Mosquitofish Blend fertlizer
31 No-Bake CheesecakeFinish Elise's Cooking 4 to get the recipe, and buy the recipe for Cheese from Bastian. To make Cheese, combine 5 Milk and 3 Salt in your kitchen or buy Cheese from Bastian for 375 G each. Basian also sells Flour (169 G each) and Sugar (30 G each). Combine 6 Cheese, 2 Flour, and 10 Sugar to make 1 No-bake Cheesecake.5 Carp Blend Fertilizer
45 MilkHaving five of any type of milk seems to work for this request.5 Corn Blend fertilizer
51 Bagna CaudaRecipe is 3 Bell Pepper, 2 Purple Asparagus (mutation of Asparagus during Fall), and 3 Celery

Naomi's Scoop

The reporter is looking for ideas to write newspaper articles with. Seems like you're going to be the topic of her news reports! Naomi will ask you to bring her items she can base her articles on.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
12 Cabbage
2 Celery
Sam sells the seeds for these crops3 Cornmeal
2000 G
22 Tulip
2 Yellow Tulip
Yellow Tulip is a color mutation of Tulip when you grow the flower during spring.3 Flour
2000 G

Sally's Harvest Sprites

There are small little mysterious men on your farm, and explorer Sally is determined to lure them out using the items that you bring to her.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
12 MargueriteCarol sells Marguerite Seeds.5 Onion Seeds
23 PerchThis is a common fish to catch in the desert area.5 Corn Seeds
32 Delicious FeedComplete Cyril's Country Life 2 to learn the recipe for Delicious Feed. Then combine 2 Cornmeal, 1 Romanesco, and 1 Crucian Carp. Romanesco is a winter mutation of Broccolini, which is a fall mutation of Broccoli. Sell 30 Broccolini to unlock the seeds at Sam's.5 Green Pepper Seeds
43 WatermelonSam will sell Watermelon Seeds at his shop.5 Brown Carrot Seeds

Sam's Family

The traveling merchant misses his family and wants to send them gifts.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
14 MargueriteCarol sells the flower seeds5 Celery Seeds
1000 G
23 WoolClip the wool from your sheep5 Tomato Seeds
1000 G
34 CosmosCarol sells the flower seeds5 Potato Seeds
1000 G
42 SilverCollect Silver Ore from the mining nodes, then take 6 Silver Ore to Gus to refine into 2 Silver5 Romanesco Seeds
3000 G
53 Tilapia
3 Yellow Perch

Sofia's Special Feed

Sofia gives you advice on caring for animals. She'll need you help with materials to be able to do that.

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
13 Great Animal FeedSam sells this for 70 G each after you complete Gabriel's Animal Feed 11 adult Poitou Donkey
1000 G
Note: You can reject Sofia's free Poitou Donkey if you want. You can now buy a Poitou Foal for 30,000 G
23 Silent FeedComplete Gabriel's Animal Feed 2 to learn the recipe for Silent Feed. Use the Windmill to combine 1 Cornmeal and 1 Cabbage to make 1 Silent Feed3 Great Egg
33 Passion FeedEach Passion Feed requires 1 Cornmeal and 1 Tomato. Sam sells Tomato Seeds3 Great Milk
43 Spirit Feed

Tabitha's Curiosity

For unknown reasons, Gareth is researching this area. That is driving Tabitha crazy! Bring her the items she requests or she'll turn you into a frog (she never does though).

No.Requested ItemAdviceReward
14 CabbageSam sells Cabbage SeedsRecipe for Peaceful Potion and Active Potion
22 Crucian CarpThis is an uncommon fish.Recipe for Spring Breeze Potion and Summer Breeze Potion
35 Softwood LumberChop down the cone trees to collect the lumber.Recipe for Sensitive Potion
45 Donkey FurCollect the fur from Poitou DonkeysRecipe for Proud Potion
52 Sapphire OreRather uncommon, but hit the blue mine nodes while mining