Your Records

As you proceed through the game, your activities will increase ranks. These ranks are like mini achievements you can do in the game, sort of similar to the Farm Degree ranks in past versions of Harvest Moon games.

When you complete the requirements to increase your rank, an on-screen notification will appear. The rank records don't seem to affect anything in the game, but they are there for you to complete as personal goals. Your rank will also start at Rank 1.

You can see your current ranks by going to the farm house bookshelf, selecting the Encyclopedia, and then selecting your Records.

Total Shipped
You will earn money when you sell goods to Sam, Bastian, and Carol. You can see your total earned on this record.

Total Play Time
This is the total amount of time you have played Skytree Village in your save file.

Total Land Tilled
Use your hoe to till soil for planting crops. Your basic Hoe can only till 1 square at a time. When you get closer to 500 squares tilled, the Harvest Goddess will give you a Master Hoe that covers 3 squares at a time.

Crops Harvested
Both crops and flowers will count towards earning this record. Just pick the plants you grow!

Crops Discovered
Each unique crop and flower you grow will count; for example an Onion and a Great Onion are two unique crops. You can see a full list of your collected crops by going into your Encyclopedia and selecting the Collected menu.

Total Milk
The total amount of milk you have collected from your cows is counted here.

Total Wool
Here is the total amount of wool you have collected from your sheep.

Total Fur
This is the amount of fur you have clipped from your Poitou Donkeys.

Total Eggs
The total number of eggs you have collected from the nesting boxes inside your coop

Times Cooked
This is the total number of dishes you have made by using your kitchen to cook a recipe.

Total Fish Caught
Use your fishing rod to catch fish from the waterways in the game.

Lumber Collected
You'll receive an axe once you start working on restoring the fourth Skytree. The total amount of Softwood Lumber and Hardwood Lumber will be tallied under this record.

Total Mined
Smash rocks and ore nodes with your hammer to collect stone and ore.

Your Chemistry level with the villagers is added together for your Popularity rank.

Breeder Index
The farm animals you care for will have friendship heart levels. This rank will be based on the friendship with all your farm animals.

Animal Index
There are wild animals in the barren land that you can pet to increase affection.

Fish Contests Won
The number of times you have won the fishing contest that takes place on the 10th of every season.

Egg Festivals Won
This festival unlocks after you revive the Skytrees. It takes place on Spring 15. Visit the village, your farm house area, the mines, and the Harvest Goddess Spring to locate sparkles that reward egg points.

Cooking Fests Won
Bastian's cooking festival takes place on the 20th of every season.

Horse Races Won

Requests Completed
Villagers will give you requests to complete to increase their Chemistry, receive rewards, and unlock the next step in the game's story. Villagers will have a set number of unique, normal requets and then start giving repeatable seasonal requets.