The Fifth Skytree

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Now that the fourth Skytree is restored, the Harvest Goddess suggests that perhaps if the Harvest God and Underworld King cooperated, it might help to restore the remaining Skytrees. The Harvest God can be reached by climbing a tree that is so tall that its branches reach up to the heavens. The goddess doesn't know what happened to that tree though. She senses something mysterious in town and requests that you go ask the people for clues about the tree.

Head to Carol's shop and upon entering, Rowan sense that the mysterious seedling that Carol and Dean are caring for is giving off the same aura as the Skytrees do. Carol explains that the seedling was something her late husband found while on an expedition to find rare flowers. He had heard a voice call out to him while he was walking through a forest, and the voice led him to the little seedling. He brought it back to try and cultivate it but for some reason it has never grown. Carol was hoping that it might grow near the Harvest Goddess Spring. So far it hasn't done anything.

Next, talk to Dean about the seedling. He says it never wilts nor grows, and his mom blames herself. Dean thinks it may be better for his mom if they just gave it away...

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When you wake up in the morning, jittery Rowan has a feeling that something bad is going to happen soon. He tells you to go to the village after 10:00 am when everyone has woken up for the day. Head over to Carol's house and you'll see Dean and a green-haired woman standing over Carol's bed. Dean explains that his mom fainted but this lady appeared to give Carol medical attention. The green-haired woman introduces herself as Jeanne, and she is studying to be a herbal doctor. She was passing by when she heard Dean call out for help. Jeanne needs to craft a herbal formula. You volunteer to help, so she requests that you bring her 10 Celery, 2 Hot Pepper, and 2 Milk.

While Carol is resting, her Flower Shop will not be available.

Celery and Hot Pepper are crop seeds you can buy from Sam. Celery was available at the beginning of the game, and Hot Pepper was added to his inventory after you restored the fourth Skytree. Milk comes from cows that you buy from Sofia. Each calf costs 7500 G each and takes 15 days to grow into an adult cow that you can collect milk from.

Bring the material back to Jeanne. The herbalist crafts a formula that makes Carol feel better! Jeanne warns that the formula will only temporarily help Carol; it won't permanently heal whatever caused Carol to faint in the first place. Dean explains that his mom has always been weak, but since his dad passed away she's been losing her health and vigor. He also blames the seedling that they have been carrying around, as it is causing stress for his mom. Dean convinces his mom that is time to let someone else try to grow it and volunteers you for the task. If anyone can figure out how to make it grow, it would be you. Jeanne decides to stay nearby to keep an eye on Carol.

As you leave Carol's house, a mysterious green sprite appears and hints that the seedling will sprout in the empty area next to your farm house. The sprite then disappears! Rown has no idea what you're blabbering on about though. Head to the terraced area next to your house and you'll plant the seedling.

Return to talk to Jeanne. She'll decide that she wants to live in the village because it doesn't have a doctor. If you go back to the flower shop, Carol will now sell Cosmos Seeds and Carnation Seeds.

About 4 days after planting the mysterious seedling, Dean will visit your house in the morning when you wake up. Head outside and Interact with the seedling. It doesn't seem to be growing at all! Gareth and Tabitha will then appear. The wizard explains he is here to investigate the strange power coming from the seedling, and of course Tabitha is just tagging along. This seedling needs a magic spell to start sprouting. Gareth can create a potion to carry the magic to the plant if you somehow gain access to a lot of magic power.

Head to the Harvest Goddess Spring and talk to the Harvest Goddess. She says that Strawberry Jam has a powerful impact on her magical power. If you bring her some then she can give you some very powerful magic, but you'll also need to find a container to carry it in. The Harvest Goddess will then give you an upgraded Harvest Sprite Whistle that lets you pick the location where you want to be transported to when you use the whistle.

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Bring the Strawberry Jam and Magic Pot back to the Harvest Goddess. The goddess will eat the jam and then compress a lot of magic into the little pot. When you're ready, go back to the mysterious seedling and press the A Button to Interact with it. Carol, Dean, Gareth, and Tabitha will gather together to see the potion and magic do their thing. The Harvest Sprites are there too, but Carol and Dean can't see them. The magicians work their trade and suddenly a giant tree trunk appears! Carol is so relieved to see that the mysterious seedling has finally sprouted.

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After everyone leaves, Rowan tells you to climb up the Skytree to reach the Harvest God. At the top, Woody the Harvest Sprite had been waiting for everyone to show up! He points out the sleeping Harvest God, who just needs a little nudging to wake up. The Harvest God is pleased to see that someone has been able to restore the fifth Skytree. He wanted to be more involved, but he and Gorgon the Underworld King couldn't come to an agreement, so his hands were tied. To protect the Skytree, the Harvest God had reverted it to a seedling form.

You explain that the Harvest Goddess wants the Harvest God and the Underworld King to work with her to restore the barren land. Suddenly there's a massive earthquake. The Harvest God takes it as a sign that there isn't much time left to restore the Skytrees.

Back at the Harvest Goddess Spring you explain the Harvest God's story. She's glad that Carol took good care of the Skytree seedling. She advises you to visit Gorgon next. Rowan shows you where you can find the entrance to the Underworld Kingdom on your map screen. Unfortunately there is a giant boulder in the way. The sprites think that Flint the Harvest Sprite might be able to move the boulder, but he won't wake up without Gorgon's help, and you can't get to Gorgon with the boulder in the way! Rowan suggest that maybe Gus can help.

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