The Second Skytree

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The next morning Rowan wakes you up with news of someone appearing in town and asks you to check it out for him. The town is just west of your farm house. The two of you spot some people down by the town fountain, who look like they're disappointed with what they see in town. They had heard this land was lush but that doesn't seem to be the case from the looks of it. They've been looking for somewhere to plant a mysterious seed that was left to them. The couple introduces themselves as Dean and his mother, Carol. Dean wonders if this place is too tough to grow flowers, but you insist that you plan to revive the land's fertility. Dean and Carol wants to help you with your goal! Carol gives you some Marguerite Seeds and ask you to bring her any flowers that happen to grow from the seeds. Head back out to the desolate land and plant the flowers.

After you plant the seeds, Dean visits to explain how to use fertilizer. Once you complete his fertilizer tutorial, you can go back to town and talk to Dean to receive another batch of 4 Marguerite Seeds. Plant them to get another batch, and another, and another!

When you head back to your house you'll discover a strange traveling merchant who introduces himself as Sam. He tries to sell you a obviously fraudulent item, but you're not a fool! You explain what your plans are for the land. Sam tells you how he used to buy vegetables from this area, but there's no way anything can grow in this dustbowl now! Sam tells you that he'll buy any so-called vegetables that you can grow. If you happen to go back to talk to Sam, Rowan will give you 4 Cabbage Seeds. Plant the seeds and talk to Sam again to get 4 more Cabbage Seeds from Rowan, and so on, and so on.

Your first batch of Cabbage will ripen in a day or two. Bring the Cabbage back to give to Sam, who will be impressed that you actually are growing crops. The merchant decides to spend some time in the area. He is looking for something anyway. Sam offers you his "Platinum Premium Partnership Provider Package," where you can use him to buy and sell goods. Merchant Sam will then be wandering in front of your house or around town Monday through Saturday from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm.

A day later when you exit your house in the morning, you spot a spooky man outside. He introduces himself as Gareth the wizard. He has come to the area to research why the land turned into a desert. Garth finds your greenery goal to be unrealistic. He plans to stay around to see how it goes, and besides, he hasn't seen a Harvest Sprite in a long time. He can see them too?! After he left, Rowan figures Gareth must not be an ordinary human. Once Gareth moves into the village you can find him inside his house or wandering around the desert land after 8:00 pm.

The next day head out to the desert and you'll find a man passed out by your watering well! After receiving some water to drink the fellow introduces himself as Cyril-Regis Shireworth-Tuxley, The Third, Esquire. Cyril explains he is searching on his own for the legendary Harvest Goddess Spring. He even ran into a nice fellow who sold him some special boots so he could cross a bridge! And earlier, another guy volunteered to carry his luggage to the Harvest Goddess Spring for him; Cyril admits that he accidentally left his wallet in his luggage though. When he came accross your water well he was debating on how he was going to locate its owner so he could ask for proper permission to drink from it, but he lost conciousness while contemplating that dilema. Cyril volunteers to move into town for a while to help your populuation goal, although he doesn't have his luggage with him.

When your Marguerite Daisys finally mature, bring them to Carol in town. She will be amazed that you were able to grow such lovely plants in the desert area. Dean is convinced that the mysterious seed his father left to them will grow here in Skytree Village. The two of them decide to set down roots in town. Carol's Florist shop will then be available Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

With the addition of Dean, Carol, Sam, Gareth, and Cyril, their power of caring has restored some of the Harvest Goddess' power. Head back to the Harvest Goddess Spring and the goddess will use her magic and awaken Blossom the bubbly Harvest Sprite as well as restore the barren Skytree that you could see from the edge of your farm space. This means you'll now have a larger area to farm in, the Harvest Sprites can now help you with your farm work, and wild animals can be spotted running around the area. You won't be able to access the expanded areas quite yet though; wait until the next morning when entering the farming area will trigger instructions from Rowan on how to jump.

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