Release Dates
Japan: September 2000
North America: November 2001
Europe: Canceled (was Apr 2002)
NA 3DS VC: December 11 2014

The lastest Harvest Moon game for Gameboy Color is located on an island. Similar to Harvest Moon 2, you can choose to play either as a boy or a girl. The goal is the same (save the farm) but the way each gender is played is different! It's two games in one!


The hero has done well in reviving the farm by Flower Bud Village (Harvest Moon 2). One day Mr. Heinz comes to visit and tells the hero about his friend who runs a farm on an island far away. Unfortunatly his friend has died and now his daughter is going to take care of the farm. The girl doesn't know the first thing about farming so Mr. Heinz hopes that the hero will travel to the island to help her revive her father's farm.


The heroine use to live on the island with her father Harry when she was a child. She eventually left the island to explore the world, but one day she received news that her father had died. She returned to the island in order to take care of her father's farm. The heroine never had the opportunity to learn how to run a farm from her father, but Mr. Heinz has told her that he has a friend who is coming to the island to help her.

There are now two world maps instead of just one; the Island map (where your farm resides) and the Mainland, where you go to buy equipment for your farm. Since the Mainland isn't accessable every day you're going to need to plan things in advance. Other features include....

cow More Animals - Now instead of 4 of each animal you have 8

cow Horses - Eight horses are better then one! You can breed them and enter them into the semiannual horse race.

cow Specific Tasks - The boy farmer is assigned to taking care of the crops while the girl farmer takes care of the animals

cow Marriage - Will you marry your partner or live the single life?

cow Part Time Jobs - Everyone could use more money on the farm, pick up a part-time job and earn some quick G.

cow New Locations - Now there's more then just the Village, Mountains, and Farm. Go visit the Theater or the Aquarium!

cow And lots more!