Like past Harvest Moon games, events increase your happiness level. The happier you are, the higher the ranking is once it comes time to judge your farm. Some events occur on certain days, but most of them require you to raise your friendship levels with the people you interact with. You can raise your friendships by giving them items such as eggs, fish, flowers, or anything else you have.

Events on the Island

Most of your time will be spent on the Island. The people here are glad to see you working on the old farm and will interact with you from time to time.

Events on the Mainland

Not as accessable until you get your own boat, the people who live on the Mainland like to hang out in the Shopping Mall and the Aquarium. You'll also meet some folks who were in Harvest Moon 2!

Events with your Partner

Some things will occur just between you and your partner. Your reaction to the events determines if you're going to get married or not. Most of these events occur while you're on the farm.

How to use the Snowboard

In the Grassland area you can play a snowboarding mini game if you've bought the board from Lucus' shop.