The Snowboard is only available in the Winter from Lucus' Tool Shop. It costs 30000 G but if you wait until the 15th then the price drops to 15000 G. What a deal!

When you want to use the Snowboard go to the Grassland and equip it as one of your tools. Press the A Button and you'll be asked if you want to snowboard. Select "yes" and you'll be asked if you know how. "Yes" will take you to the slope, "no" will give you a brief tutorial on how it works. After that you're ready to go!

While you're boarding you'll get little prompts in the upper left corner of your screen. The prompts will let you know that something is coming up. Keep an eye out for the clues!

Up Button - not used

Down Button - slows you down

Left Button - move to the left

Right Button - move to the right

A or B Button - jump

Start Button - pause and/or exit game

Select Button - not used
small right - Slight bend to the right
big right - Sharp right corner
small left - Slight bend to the left
big left - Sharp left corner
Caution - There's a log and/or tree coming up
mogle - Here come the mogles, get ready to jump!
Going down the hill

The goal is to ride down the 2500 meter slope in 146 seconds or faster and with a score of 100 points. Along the way you'll come across logs and trees in the path. You can press the A or B Buttons to jump over the logs, but the trees you'll have to move left or right to avoid. If you hang out high along one of the sides (like the image shows) you'll miss the trees but you'll still have to avoid the logs. The more things you run into the more seconds you use up. Try not to hit anything!

Besides just the speed you complete the course in, your score also includes the difficulty of the tricks you do. The more difficult the trick, the higher your score can be. When you're going down the slope and you come across the mogles, hit one and press the A or B Buttons to gain mega-air. Then press the buttons in a certain order to complete the trick. Only the best trick you do counts towards your score so if you do a 10 point trick and a 30 point trick the second one goes towards your score. There isn't anywhere I've seen in the game where you can get what tricks do what, but the webmaster at the HM3 Database has documented which buttons do what trick.

  • 1 Point = Left , B
  • 1 Point = Right, B
  • 1 Point = Left, Left, A
  • 1 Point = Right, Right, A
  • 3 Points = A, B, A
  • 3 Points = B, B, A
  • 3 Points = A, A, B
  • 5 Points = Right, Down, Right, A
  • 10 Points = Up, A, Down, B
  • 10 Points = Right, A, Left, B
  • 10 Points = Left, A, Right, B
  • 100 Points = A, Up, B, Left, A, Down, B, Right, A
Falling down on the snowboard

Once you pass the regular slope you can try the advanced course! Everything turns bright pink and there are a lot more obsticles to avoid. Keep an eye on that upper left corner for clues as to what's coming up. You don't receive anything for getting an S rank on the advanced course.

You can earn a Power Berry from snowboarding. You need to hit at least 20 trees and logs. I know the whole point is to try to get the best score, but you have to do very bad in order to earn the Power Berry. Once you are told your score, hopefully a D rank, you'll be able to eat the berry when you get back to the Grassland area.