The Villagers

Besides the marriage candidates, there are a variety of villagers that you'll meet in each of the three towns. Some of the villagers have character portraits and some villagers are random, faceless characters. The villagers who have portraits appear when you talk to them will accept gifts and have a friendship level that you can see inside your farm house bookshelf. The other villagers who don't have portraits cannot be gifted or befriended and are simply there to fill in space.

The first person you'll meet outside your immediate family (Daryl, Marian, and Lynn) is your Uncle Frank. He will show you the basics of farming and then hand you off to his neighbor, Megan. She'll teach you about animal care and shows you around Westown. Megan, Ginjiro, and Tototara are the leaders of the three towns. When you unlock Lulukoko and Tsuyukusa, the leaders will visit your house in the morning to give you a tour of their towns.

Befriending the villagers will unlock friend events in the game, but you won't be receiving Farm Circle options, clothing, or cooking recipes based on your friendship levels. Having high friendships may help with winning team-based festivals if those villagers are assigned to your competitive team, and if you have at least 5000 Friendship Points (FP) you may be invited to eat lunch with the villager.

The deities are the only people with a benefit based on friendship level. You need to reach at least 25,000 FP to unlock some of Witchie's face styles available in her magic shop, and you need to have at least 20,000 FP with Dessie, Inari, and Witchie to unlock the dual-color eye options at Witchie's shop.

Below are some general info about each villager. More details will be added later.

Westown Villagers

Bday: Fall 25
+1000 FP: Pizza
+500 FP: eggs, milk, wool, wine, Great Cheese

Bday: Summer 28
+1000 FP: Carrot Soup
+500 FP: Carrot, Tomato, tree fruit, Broccoli

Bday: Spring 6
+1000 FP: Potato Salad
+500 FP: Potato, Tomato, Carrot, Cucumber

Bday: Fall 1
+1000 FP: Mashed Potato
+500 FP: tree fruit, Corn, Potato, Strawberry

Bday: Summer 5
+1000 FP: Grape Wine
+500 FP: Turnip, Potato, Tomato, Carrot

Bday: Winter 11
+1000 FP: Minced Pie
+500 FP: Strawberry, honey, fruit desserts, French Toast

Bday: Spring 24
+1000 FP: Creamy Hot Pot
+500 FP: large fish, Stew, Meuniere, crustaceans

Bday: Fall 17
+1000 FP: Eggs Benedict
+500 FP: Corn, Tomato Salad, Carrot Soup, Grilled Tomato

Bday: Spring 9
+1000 FP: Almond Caramel
+500 FP: Corn Stew, Red Cloth, Almond Butter, Buttered Corn

Bday: Spring 26
+1000 FP: Mushroom Pie
+500 FP: Strawberry, Pineapple Silkie Egg, Great Silkie Egg

Tsuyukusa Villagers

Bday: Spring 31
+1000 FP: Okonomiyaki
+500 FP: Rice, Corn, Wasabi, Grilled Fish, Green Tea

Bday: Spring 17
+1000 FP: Philosopher Stone
+500 FP: Platinum, Gold Ore, gold crops, giant crops

Bday: Summer 4
+1000 FP: Strawberry Shaved Ice
+500 FP: ice cream, Strawberry, Pink Carnation, Sponge Cake

Bday: Fall 18
+1000 FP: Tofu Fritters
+500 FP: Green Tea, Mixed Vegetable Rice, Kenchin Soup

Bday: Summer 8
+1000 FP: Plum Shiso Salad
+500 FP: Hydrangea, Apple, Pink Carnation, Lily

Bday: Spring 19
+1000 FP: Shiso Juice
+500 FP: Daifuku, Pumpkin Salad, Sponge Cake, Soy Milk Pudding

Bday: Winter 3
+1000 FP: Doriyaki
+500 FP: Hot milk, Pumpkin Salad, Daifuku, Soy Milk Pudding

Bday: Fall 3
+1000 FP: Spinach Soup
+500 FP: Spinach, Green Tea, Turnip Soup, White Rice

Bday: Fall 20
+1000 FP: Egg Custard
+500 FP: Pink Carnation, Green Tea, Marguerite Daisy, Snowdrop

Lulukoko Villagers

Bday: Spring 2
+1000 FP: Romiromi Salmon
+500 FP: Coconut, B. Alpaca Wool, Llama Wool, perfume

Bday: Fall 23
+1000 FP: Saimin
+500 FP: Fish Basket, large fish, Giant Tuna Steak, Pescatora

Bday: Summer 25
+1000 FP: Coconut Salad
+500 FP: Squid, large fish, Sea Urchin, pearls

Bday: Fall 16
+1000 FP: Octopus Pasta
+500 FP: Dried Fruit, ice cream, Curry Rice, Fish Chowder

Bday: Winter 5
+1000 FP: Fruit Ponchi
+500 FP: desserts, Gold ore, Calla Lily, Mauritania

Bday: Summer 1
+1000 FP: Veggie Etuver
+500 FP: Coin, Carrot, Onion, Turnip, Tomato

Bday: Summer 2
+1000 FP: Aloe Yogurt
+500 FP: yogurt recipes, Naan, Green Stew, Lassie

Bday: Winter 28
+1000 FP: Spicy Fried Squid
+500 FP: Corn, tea leaves, Shrimp Chili, Spring Rolls

Bday: Fall 9
+1000 FP: Cheebu Jen
+500 FP: large ocean fish, Anglerfish Stew, Grouper Stew

Bday: Winter 8
+1000 FP: Peach Cherry Shake
+500 FP: Grape, Peach Tea, Soy Milk, Burdock Root Soup

Your Family

You have three family members, two who visit your house while you prove to your father that you can become a great farmer. Marlena and Lynn will stop by for a visit in between completing the list of chores given to you by Daryl. They will stay on your farm for a few days and then they'll leave. Daryl never comes to visit where you can freely interact with him, but he will appear during cut scenes.




While Marlena and/or Lynn are on your farm you can give them gifts, although they are not included in the list of villagers located in your farm house bookshelf to know what your friendship level is with them. Your mom and little sister do not have +1000 FP or +500 FP gifts. You can send letters to your family via the Postio to raise Lynn and Marlena's friendship levels, but Daryl will never gain friendship.