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Ushi No Tane
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There's a total of 5 animals in this game...

Dog: You have a dog at the start, so it takes nothing to get him. Be sure to hug him every day (pick him up) as this will make him like you more. Remember: one heart on the start menu screen equals 1% of your value as a farmer.

Horse: You can get a horse in two ways: 1) go to Yodel Ranch in the first spring and Barley will give you a horse for free. Be sure to brush it, talk to it, and push it outside for a few moments every day! (Well, don't push it outside when it's raining!) After 1 year, Barley will come back to see how it's doing, and take it away if it doesn't like you enough. If he takes it away, then... 2) When your pasture is large enough, Barley will give you a horse if you don't have one.

Chickens: Buy at Chicken Lil's for 1500G, or just befriend Popuri and wait until she comes and gives you an egg. Even though all your chickens are females, if you put an egg into the incubator in your chicken coop, it will hatch after a few days... odd. Remember to feed your chickens when they're in the coop. If a chicken wins the Chicken Festival it will lay Golden Eggs.

Sheep: Buy at Yodel Ranch for 4000G. You'll also need a brush and clippers to make them happy. You'll also have to make sure they get fed every day. A Sheep Miracle Potion will cause a sheep to get pregnant. And remember, wool is worth a lot. Golden Fleece is worth the most.

Cows: Buy at Yodel Ranch for 6000G. You'll also need a brush and milker. Feed them every day. A Cow Miracle Potion will cause an adult cow to get pregnant. A cow who wins the Cow Festival will produce Golden Milk.

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