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House Upgrades

There are a total of 5 home extentions, which all-in-all will cost you 56,500G and 2,620 pieces of wood, but it's worth it! You can't choose which extension you get: you HAVE to get them in the following order:

Chicken Coop: This will double the size of your chicken coop: you will now be able to fit 10 chickens in there instead of 5. It costs 5,000G and 420 pieces of lumber. This one is required if you want to marry Rick.

1st House Extension: Your house will double in size, and you'll get a kitchen. It costs 4,700G and 370 pieces of lumber.

Barn: You will be able to fit 20 animals in your barn now! It costs 6,800G and 500 pieces of lumber.

2nd House Extention: Your kitchen will become a bit bigger, and you'll get a bedroom complete with 2 beds and a nice rug! It costs 10,000G and 750 pieces of lumber.

Hothouse: A greenhouse, where you can grow any crop at any time of year! It costs 30,000G and 580 pieces of lumber. It can also be demolished by a hurricane or blizzard. It can be rebuilt, though. Since it's so expensive, it's usually good to save every day in winter and summer, and if there will be a blizzard or hurricane the next day, just go through that day without saving it to see if the hothouse was destroyed. If is was, just re-set the game and just keep trying until you see that it's still standing.

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