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Ushi No Tane
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The Ending

Written by Akie from HMOtaku.net

Cliff's Ending
(In this file, I named the main character Akie, and she and Cliff were married on the 6th of Winter, Year 2. It starts off with Cliff bringing you the Blue Feather.)
Cliff: Good morning, Akie! What I said last time was kind of sudden, and I've just learned the proper custom for this area, so I've come to propose! Please take this Blue Feather! (option 1: Of course, thank you; option 2: I've changed my mind. Choose option 1, of course.) I know we'll be happy together.
(After the wedding ceremony, in the vineyard)
Duke: This wine is so good...
Manna: Yes, but I'm only letting you drink today! Everyone, drink up! ...But, I was just thinking... Cliff seems like a really quiet guy. He seemed so shy and withdrawn... But after befriending him, I've become kind of attached to him, and he's cute! ...Um, oops, that wasn't what I meant to say...
Cliff: (to you) Let's go someplace a little more quiet.
(You nod, and you two go into the cellar.)
Cliff: Manna looks quite happy, doesn't she? (You nod) I've kept quiet about this until now, but... The person who saved you on the beach, was me. ...Back then, I was still searching for a place where I felt at home, and had decided to leave this village. I was about to board the ship when I heard Zack's call. I was so caught up in trying to help you, I completely forgot about my decision to leave! I think we were destined to meet each other.
(You the walk up right next to him, and Cliff gets an exclaimation point above his head and turns to you.)
Cliff: I didn't mean that I tricked you or anything! Sorry!
(You shake your head, and Cliff puts his hands on your shoulders)
Cliff: You're happy, right?
(You nod, and the camera fades out.)

Doctor's Ending
(In this file, I named the main character Nami, and she and the doctor were married on the 27th of Fall, Year 2. It starts off with the doctor offering you a Blue Feather.)
Doctor: Good morning, did you sleep well last night? Today we'll be leaving the town for a little while... Oh yes. Nami, please take this. ("Of course, thank you.") It looks like everyone's at the church to celebrate our marriage. Well, let's go. (After the wedding ceremony, at the beach)
Zack: Did you finish packing your luggage?
Doctor: Yes, thank you for everything.
Zack: That's also what you said when we brought her back safely. ...but... Don't you remember?
Doctor: What is it?
Zack: When Nami washed up on the shore. If you hadn't come just in the nick of time, she wouldn't be here today. (An exclaimation mark appears above your head) .........What?! You didn't tell her?! I thought for sure..
. Doctor: No...
Zack: What do you mean, telling her wasn't the right thing?!
Doctor: That's not it!! (the doctor walks up to you, faces you for a second, then turns to Zack) I... couldn't tell her. If... if I thought about it... it was kind of embarrassing...!
Zack: ...........
Doctor: ..............
Zack: ............Oh.

Gray's Ending
(In this file, I named the main character Kurea, and she and Gray were married on the 21st of Fall, Year 2. It starts with him offering you the Blue Feather.)
Gray: Good mooorning! Ah, I'm nervous... Oh, right, this. Grandpa said I need to give it to you... He said something like if I don't give it to you, we can't get married. What exactly does he mean? Ah, anyway, I'd like you to take it.
(Of course, thank you)
W-well then, let's go! To the wedding ceremony. Even though it's just Grandpa there...
(After the wedding ceremony. You and Gray are at your house.)
Gray: From now on, I'll be living here... Grandpa? He'll be fine. He seems to like living by himself. Though I'm sure he's a little lonely.
(The scene then cuts to the area where Ellen and the Mayor's houses are. Saibara is walking by Ellen's house.)
Saibara: ..........
Ellen: Oh, Saibara. Long time no see.
Saibara: H... Hello.
Ellen: If you'd like to, you may come in.
Saibara: Ah, ah... No, I... Um... Okay.
(Inside the house.)
Ellen: Well, congratulations.
Saibara: I'm a bit embarassed... he's still so young and immature...
Ellen: Hehehe.
Saibara: But...
Ellen: But?
Saibara: He was the one who saved Kurea at the ocean, even though he didn't know who she was. I knew he'd probably marry her after that,
Ellen: Oh, wow! That is quite a nice story!
Saibara: I'm a bit jealous of Gray for being a married man... I complained about him so much when he was with me, I should have told him...
Ellen: Told him what?
Saibara: It's nothing.
Ellen: But, hehe. Gray is a lot like you when you were younger.
Saibara: ...... T-that.... No matter what I say...
Ellen: Hehehehe.
(Back at your farm.)
Gray: Kurea, by the way, I... No, no.... Um, nevermind. I promise to do my best, now and forever.

Kai's Ending
(In this file, I named the main character Toshimi, and she and Kai were married on the 1st of Fall, Year 4. It starts off with Kai giving you a Blue Feather.)
Also, Kai and Duke's way of talking is very colloquial, and I'm not that great with colloquial Japanese yet. But, I'm sure this is pretty accurate.
Kai: Yo!! Oh, right. I wanted to give this to you. Here you are! ("Of course, thank you") And, um... I'm sorry to ask this of you, but... I don't want to have the wedding ceremony at my hometown. Everyone would make such a big deal about it. So, let's go to the church here. Carter is waiting.
(After the wedding ceremony, at the beach. You've apparently forgotten something, and need to go back to get it.)
Kai: OK, I'll wait here for you. ......(he looks very happy, like he can't believe he just got married)
Duke: (walks up)...Hey.
Kai: What do you want?!
Duke: I heard that you're not coming back anymore.
Kai: Oh, can't you think about something else already?!
Duke: This is sudden, but... I've decided that you're not really all that bad of a guy. After all, Zack just told me you were the one who saved Toshimi's life when she washed up on the shore.
(As Duke is speaking, you return, and a question mark appears over your head.)
Kai: (mumbling) ... or something?
Duke: Huh? What?
Kai: Are you stupid or something?! What do you mean, 'what?' My viewpoint of you hasn't changed. You've hated me up until now, you were always scolding me, weren't you! Ah... You're just like my father...
(You walk up to Kai right then.)
Kai: Toshimi... Was I the one who saved you? Yeah, but even though you didn't know that, you fell in love with me anyway!
Duke: ...Sorry...
Kai: We... might come again.
Duke: ...Eh?
Kai: You know... to sightsee. (to you) Well, shall we go?
(You and Kai walk to the ship. Duke is left alone on the beach.)
Duke: I'll be waiting for you! You'd better come back!!

Rick's Ending
(In this file, I named the main character Sara, and she and Rick were married on the 2nd of Summer, Year 2. It starts out with Rick bringing you the Blue Feather.)
Rick: Hi, Sara, good morning... I've... come to make a formal proposal to you... This... Please take it!! (Choose option 1: "Of course, thank you.") You've made me so happy!
(After the wedding ceremony, at the poultry farm.)
Rick: We have chickens here, and grow corn in the summer. It's smaller than your farm, though... You know... You know, I've liked you ever since the moment I met you. ...No, you wouldn't remember, since you were unconcious at the time...
Lillia: (Comes out through the front door of the farm, and calls to you) Rick, Sara-chan!
(You and Rick run to her, and Rick goes inside the house. You talk with Lillia for a moment, nod, and head into the house. Your new home.)

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