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Ushi No Tane
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Town Shops

Chicken Lil's (Poultry Farm)
Shopkeeper: Lilia
Hours: 11AM to 4PM. Closed on Sundays.
Animal Medicine (1000G)
Chicken (1500G)
Chicken Feed (10G per bag)
Chicken (500G)

Yodel Ranch
Shopkeeper: Barley
Hours: 9AM to 3PM. Closed on Mondays.
Animal Medicine (1000G)
Bell (500G)
Cow (6000G)
Cow Miracle Potion (3000G)
Fodder (20G per meal)
Sheep (4000G)
Sheep Miracle Potion (3000G)
Sheep (4000G)
Cow (6000G)
He buys cows and sheep, but the amount of money you can get from them depends on their heart level.

Shopkeeper: Doug
Hours: 8AM to 9PM.
Apple Pie (300G)
Cheesecake (240G)
Cookie (200G)
Salad (300G)
Set Meal (500G)
Water (0G)

Won (the peddler) Sells:
Cabbage Seeds (500G a bag)
Green Pepper Seeds (150G/bag)
Pineapple Seeds (1000G/bag)
Orangecup Seeds (1000G/bag)
Magic Red Flower (600G/bag)
Pink Cat Mint Flower (200G/bag)
Toy Flower (500G/bag)

Owner: the Doctor
Hours: 9AM to 4PM. Closed on Wednesdays.
Exam (10G)
Bodigizer (500G)
Bodigixer XL (1000G)
Turbojolt (1000G)
Turbojolt XL (2000G)

Seaside Lodge
Shopkeeper: Kai
Hours: Whenever Kai's there. Closed on Sundays. This shop is only open during the summer.
Pasta (300G)
Pizza (200G)
Roasted Corn (250G)
Snowcone (300G)
Water (0G)

Shopkeeper: Jeff
Hours: 9AM to 4PM. Closed Tuesday and Sunday.
Note that what they have for sale (namely, the seeds) varies with each season.
Basket (5000G)
Blue Feather (1000G)
Bread (100G)
Curry Powder (50G)
Fish Food (20G)
Flour (50G)
Oil (50G)
Rice Balls (100G)
Rucksack(M) (3000G)
Rucksack(L) (5000G)
Wrapping Paper (100G)
Cucumber Seeds (200G/bag)
Grass Seeds (500G/bag)
Potato Seeds (150G/bag)
Strawberry Seeds (150G/bag)
Turnip Seeds (120G/bag)
Corn Seeds (300G/bag)
Grass Seeds (500G/bag)
Onion Seeds (150G/bag)
Pumpkin Seeds (500G/bag)
Tomato Seeds (200G/bag)
Carrot Seeds (300G/bag)
Eggplant Seeds (120/bag)
Spinach Seeds (200G/bag)
Sweet Potato Seeds (300G/bag)

Aja Winery
Shopkeepers: Duke and Manna
Hours: 9AM to noon. Closed on Saturdays.
Wine (300G)
Grape Juice (200G)

Owner: Saibara
Hours: 10AM to 4PM. Closed on Thursdays.
Brush (800G)
Clippers (1800G)
Jewelry (1000G and Orichalc Ore)
Milker (2000G)
Mayonnaise Maker (20,000G and Adamantite Ore)
Cheese Maker (20,000G and Adamantite Ore)
Yarn Maker (20,000G and Adamantite Ore)
Tool Upgrades (1000G-5000G and Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore or Mystrile)

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