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Heart Events

Simply giving the guy of your choice gifts everyday won't lead to your getting married--there are various cutscenes you must see first. Once you've seen the last one, in which the guy confesses his feelings for you, you will get married one week later (or in Kai's case, on the first of Fall.)

Here's a list of the required cutscenes. Other ones that aren't required will be in the events section. The number of events required changes from guy to guy. Some only need a few, others need a lot!

Written by Akie of HMOtaku.net

First off, in Fall of the first year, when Duke asks you to help out at the vineyard, be sure to tell Cliff about it. Otherwise, he'll leave the village and never return.
At Rose Square: Forgot what heart color Cliff needs to be for this--is it yellow? This scene happens on a snowy day. Cliff will be standing in the middle of the square, rambling something about snow. He'll collapse, and you will automatically take him to the clinic. You'll also realize that Cliff dropped a picture of himself with his mother and sister. Give the picture to him after he's been released from t he clinic, and he will like you a lot more.
A Talk About the Vineyard: Cliff must be to a yellow heart, and be working at the Aja Winery. Go into the house, and Cliff will be there to greet you. He'll suggest going shopping or something, when he suddenly overhears Duke and Manna talking about him. You'll eavesdrop on their conversation: they're thinking of having Cliff inherit the vineyard instead of their daughter. Cliff isn't totally sure of what to think, and he suggests going shopping another day. Starry Night: I think Cliff has to be at an orange heart for this one. I'm not sure if it's required, either... Anyway, go up to the mountain peak late at night. Cliff will be there. He'll mention something about the stars, and you can say that they're pretty (1st option) or that they aren't (2nd option.) The 1st option will make him like you more.
Who Does Cliff Like? This one was quite funny... Anyway, Cliff must be up to a red heart for this one. Go into the cellar at the vineyard. Cliff will be there, and wants to show you around. He'll let you taste some wine that he made. Manna then comes in to talk to him, and somehow the conversation turns to his future. Manna wishes that he would marry Aja someday, but Cliff turns and looks at you and says he's already made up his mind.
Mountain Rendezvous: Once you've seen the above scene, go up tot he mountain peak again, late at night. Cliff will once again be there. Talk to him, and he'll talk about how much he misses his family and that he's pretty lonely. He'll also tell you that he loves you and asks if you feel the same. Say you do (1st option). Cliff will be quite happy, and...
Proposal: One week after the above scene, Cliff will come to your house with a Blue Feather. Accept it with the first option, and you two will be married right away!

Out at the Lake: He must be to a green heart for this. On a Wednesday afternoon, go up to the lake on Mother's Hill (where the winter mine is.) The doctor will be standing in front of the lake. He'll make some comment about the water and the fish, wondering what would happen if he tried to get a fish with his bare hands. Tell him he shouldn't, he'll catch a cold (option 1) or tell him that you'll help him (option 2.) He'll like you more if you choose option 2.
The Doctor's Past: He must be to yellow for this one. Go into the clinic on a Wednesday when he is there. He'll invite you up to his room to chat for a little bit. Another Chat: He must be up to an orange heart. I honestly didn't pay much attention here, but he asked you another question. It took place during the day, in the clinic.
The Doctor's True Love: He must be up to red for this one. On a Wednesday, go to the beach.You'll get a scene where the Doctor and Elli were fighting, and the doctor tells you that Elli is in love with him, but the Doctor is in love with you. He'll tell you that he wants to temporarily leave the town to study medicine, and wants to know if you'll come with him. Choose the second option ("I'll follow you") and he'll tell you you'll be departing with him in one week.
Proposal: One week after the above scene, he will come to your house with a Blue Feather. Accept it with the 1st option, and you'll be married right away.

In the Mines: This can happen any time, usually towards the beginning of the game. Go into the mine behind the waterfall, and you may eventually see Gray in there. Give him a silver ore, and he'll pay you back sometime later by giving you a necklace.
A Novice: This scnee will only happen once Gray has a yellow heart. Go to the area where the blacksmith's shop is sometime between 1PM and midnight, during the fall. It seems as though Gray messed up on something, and Saibara's quite angry with him.
At the Windmill: This is pretty much the same as the scene in BTN... Gray must have an orange heart for this. He will come one day in the fall and ask to use your windmill.
Recognition: This one will happen once Gray has a red heart. Go into the Blacksmith's shop at a time when it's open, and you'll see that Gray has finally made something that Saibara was proud of! Gray is quite glad that his grandfather has finally praised him for something, and says he was able to do it all because of you... I forgot exactly how it is that he proposes to you, but choose the first option.
Proposal: After the above scene, Gray will come by with a Blue Feather. Accept it with the first option, and you'll get married right away!

An Argument with Dad: I forgot what color Kai's heart must be for this one. It's either green or yellow. Anyway, go into the inn at some time that Kai would be in there, and you'll see him talking on the phone, having an argument with his father. He'll tell you that his father wants him to close down the restaurant in Mineral Town and never return, but Kai isn't willing to do that just yet.
A Visit to your House: Kai must be at least to to yellow heart for this scene, and you must have the largest home extension (the second bedroom). One day in summer (of course) it will be raining. Go to the beach, and you'll see Kai wandering around in the water under Zack's house. He'll tell you he was bored and that no one ever comes to his shop on a rainy day, anyway. He'll then ask if you can go to your house for a little while. Say yes (1st option) and the two of you will go to your home and spend the rest of the day there. This will make Kai like you a lot more.
Your Nightmare: They day that you get Kai up to a red heart, you will automatically get this scene when you go to bed. You'll have a dream in which all of the townspeople (including Popuri) have suddenly turned against Kai and are having some sort of trial. Everyone wants to throw him out and never let him return, but when it's your turn to speak, Kai will shout out that he loves you. Say you love him too (the first option) and you'll suddenly wake up. Kai will be at your house (for some odd reason.) He'll tell you that he's decided to close down his restaurant and move back to the city for good, and if you'll come with him. You'll automatically say yes, and he'll tell you to be ready by Fall 1.
Proposal: Once you've gotten the above scene, Kai will come by your house on the first of Fall with a Blue Feather. Accept it with the first option, and you two will be married right away.

Chicken Care: Rick must be on blue or green for this one, and you must have the enlarged chicken coop. One day in Fall of year 1, Rick will come by to ask you to take care of five chickens. Say yes, and take good care of them until Rick returns.
Protecting the Chickens: I think Rick has to be on a green heart for this one. Leave your chickens outside, and one day Rick will come by and comment on how dangerous it is for chickens to be kept outside, since the wild dogs like to attack them, but how they need to be outside to have better health. You can also add that "They lay better eggs" (option 1) or "They make better meat" (option 2.) Choose option 1 and Rick will like you more.
Medicine for Lillia: Rick must have a yellow heart. Go to the clinic when it's open. Rick will be there, picking up medicine for his mother. You can either tell him that it must be tough taking care of her, but keep going (option 1) or "I hope she gets better soon" (option 2) I don't know if it matters which one you choose, but option 2 is probably better.
At the Bar: Rick must be on orange for this one. Go to the bar on a night that he's there, and you'll see him and Karen standing together, talking. Go up and talk to him, and ask if you can join their group (option 1.) Karen will decide to leave you two alone, and Rick will like you more.
A Stray Dog: The day you get Rick up to a red heart, you'll get this scene when you go to sleep. Your chickens must be outside, too. A wild dog was eyeing your chickens, but Rick chased it away. However, it attacked Rick and hurt him in the process. Rick doesn't want to go to the clinic, but you insist on it. So you two go to the clinic together, where the doctor scolds Rick for risking his life to save some chickens. Rick will say that the doctor misses the point, but how you probably know how important animals are to a farmer. Well, in the middle of the conversation, Rick will blurt out that you should marry him and run the Poultry Farm together. Say you will (option 2) and Rick will be surprised but happy.
Proposal: One week after the above scene, Rick will come to your house with a Blue Feather. Accept it (option 1) and you two will be married right away.

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