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Gameshark Codes

The codes below are for Gameshark version 2.0. To use any of the codes, the "Must Be On Code" must be turned on at all times! We reserve the right in that the codes we provide cannot be held against us if they damage or delete your game in any way shape or form. These codes are used to offer them incase you wanted to use them. We do not suggest using cheat codes in anyway, but if that is what you want to do, then go right ahead.

Must Be On Code
Code: ECB7FBB014468B5C

Infinite Codes
Breadruit Seeds: 3C1425021456E788
Corn Seeds: 3C1425051456E788
Energy: 1CB1FB58F87AE781
Fodder: 3CB1FB601456E788
Gold: 1CB1FB8C17E9C70C
Potato Seeds: 3C1425FF1456E788
Tomato Seeds: 3C1425041456E788

Item Codes
All Purpose Medicine: 3C14258D1456E7C2
Animal Medicine: 3C1425641456E76E
Blueberry: 3C1425741456E799
Blueberry Jam: 3C1425901456E7BD
Blue Mist Seed: 3C1425AA1456E75C
Blue Rock: 3C1425A31456E761
Boiled Egg: 3C1425861456E7C7
Breadfruit: 3C1425671456E7A8
Bouillabaisse: 3C1425991456E7D6
Breadfruit Seed: 3C14255B1456E7CB
Brush: 3C1425611456E773
Cake: 3C1425851456E7AA
Cheese: 3C1425841456E7A9
Cheesecake: 3C1425821456E7AB
Cheese Omelet: 3C1425921456E7BB
Chicken Feed: 3C1425AC1456E7CF
Cooked Fish: 3C1425881456E7C5
Copper Ore: 3C1425A51456E767
Corn: 3C1425661456E7A7
Corn Seeds: 3C14255A1456E7CA
Cranberry: 3C14256F1456E7A0
Cranberry Jam: 3C14258B1456E7C4
Cream Of Corn: 3C14258F1456E7C0
Cream Of Mushroom: 3C1425951456E7BA
Cream Of Tomato: 3C1425941456E7B9
Creamy Soup: 3C14258C1456E7C1
Egg: 3C14256C1456E7A1
Fish (small): 3C1425761456E7B7
Fish (medium): 3C1425771456E7B8
Fish (large): 3C14257C1456E7B1
Fishing Rod: 3C1425601456E772
Fish w/Cream: 3C1425961456E7D7
Flan: 3C14257F1456E7B0
Flute: 3C1425651456E76F
Fodder: 3C1425A71456E75D
Fruit Cake: 3C14259B1456E7D4
Fruit Flan: 3C14259C1456E7D1
Fruit Omelet: 3C1425981456E7D5
Full Moon Berry: 3C1425731456E79C
Golden Egg: 3C14256D1456E7A2
Grandma Recipe: 3C1425B11456E75F
Grilled Fish: 3C1425971456E7D8
Herb: 3C1425781456E7B5
Hoe: 3C1425561456E778
Honey: 3C1425811456E7AE
Honey Cake: 3C1425A01456E7CD
Hot Milk: 3C14258E1456E7BF
Iron Ore: 3C1425A21456E768
King of Lake: 3C1425AD1456E775
Lime Stone: 3C1425A61456E764
Lucky Charm: 3C1425AF1456E759
Magic Book: 3C1425AE1456E760
Magic Petal: 3C1425B21456E787
Medicinal Herb: 3C1425791456E7B6
Milk (small): 3C14256A1456E7A3
Milk (medium): 3C14256B1456E7A4
Milk (large): 3C1425701456E79D
Milk (golden): 3C1425711456E79E
Milker: 3C14255E1456E774
Miracle Cow Potion: 3C14255F1456E76D
Mixed Jam: 3C1425911456E7BE
Mixed Omelet: 3C1425931456E7BC
Moondrop Flower: 3C14259F1456E765
Moonlight Stone: 3C1425A91456E763
Mushroom: 3C1425721456E79B
Nasty Food: 3C1425A11456E7CE
Pancakes: 3C1425831456E7AC
Plain Omelet: 3C1425891456E7C6
Pink-Cat-Mint: 3C1425A41456E766
Pontata Root: 3C14257D1456E7B2
Potato: 3C1425681456E7A5
Potato Seeds: 3C14255C1456E7D0
Rice Ball: 3C14257A1456E7B3
Rainbow Fabric: 3C1425B51456E75B
Rare Metal: 3C1425A81456E762
Sandwich: 3C14257B1456E7B4
Sickle: 3C1425581456E776
Silk Thread: 3C1425B41456E75A
Silver Fish Rod: 3C1425631456E769
Soft Bread: 3C1425801456E7AD
Special Cheese: 3C14259D1456E7D2
Special Cheesemuffin: 3C14259A1456E7D3
Sunny-Side Up: 3C1425871456E7C8
Super Fishing Rod: 3C1425621456E770
Super Sickle: 3C1425591456E777
Tim's Map: 3C1425B01456E75E
Tomato: 3C1425691456E7A6
Tomato Seeds: 3C14255D1456E7C9
Very Berry: 3C14256E1456E79F
Very Berry Jam: 3C14258A1456E7C3
Walnut: 3C1425751456E79A
Watering Can: 3C1425571456E771
Weed: 3C14259E1456E7CC
Yogurt: 3C14257E1456E7AF

Seasonal Codes
Fall: 3C14251B1456E7A7
Spring: 3C14251B1456E7A5
Summer: 3C14251B1456E7A6
Winter: 3C14251B1456E7A8

Time of Day Codes
Midnight: 4C14251C1456CFA5
1 AM: 4C14251C1456E6A5
2 AM: 4C14251C1456E5A5
3 AM: 4C14251C1456E4A5
4 AM: 4C14251C1456EBA5
5 AM: 4C14251C1456EAA5
6 AM: 4C14251C1456E9A5
7 AM: 4C14251C1456E8A5
8 AM: 4C14251C1456DFA5
9 AM: 4C14251C1456DEA5
10 AM: 4C14251C1456DDA5
11 AM: 4C14251C1456DCA5
Noon: 4C14251C1456E3A5
1 PM: 4C14251C1456E2A5
2 PM: 4C14251C1456E1A5
3 PM: 4C14251C1456E0A5
4 PM: 4C14251C1456D7A5
5 PM: 4C14251C1456D6A5
6 PM: 4C14251C1456D5A5
7 PM: 4C14251C1456D4A5
8 PM: 4C14251C1456DBA5
9 PM: 4C14251C1456DAA5
10 PM: 4C14251C1456D9A5
11 PM: 4C14251C1456D8A5

Daily Codes
1st: 3C14251A1456E7A6
2nd: 3C14251A1456E7A7
3rd: 3C14251A1456E7A8
4th: 3C14251A1456E7A1
5th: 3C14251A1456E7A2
6th: 3C14251A1456E7A3
7th: 3C14251A1456E7A4
8th: 3C14251A1456E79D
9th: 3C14251A1456E79E
10th: 3C14251A1456E79F
11th: 3C14251A1456E7A0
12th: 3C14251A1456E799
13th: 3C14251A1456E79A
14th: 3C14251A1456E79B
15th: 3C14251A1456E79C
16th: 3C14251A1456E7B5
17th: 3C14251A1456E7B6
18th: 3C14251A1456E7B7
19th: 3C14251A1456E7B8
20th: 3C14251A1456E7B1
21st: 3C14251A1456E7B2
22nd: 3C14251A1456E7B3
23rd: 3C14251A1456E7B4
24th: 3C14251A1456E7AD
25th: 3C14251A1456E7AE
26th: 3C14251A1456E7AF
27th: 3C14251A1456E7B0
28th: 3C14251A1456E7A9
29th: 3C14251A1456E7AA
30th: 3C14251A1456E7AB

Equip Item Codes (One at a Time)
Animal Medicine: 3CB1FB6C1456E76E
Breadfruit Seeds: 3CB1FB6C1456E7CB
Brush: 3CB1FB6C1456E773
Corn Seeds: 3CB1FB6C1456E7CA
Fishing Rod: 3CB1FB6C1456E772
Flute: 3CB1FB6C1456E76F
Hoe: 3CB1FB6C1456E778
Milker: 3CB1FB6C1456E774
Miracle Cow Potion: 3CB1FB6C1456E76D
Potato Seeds: 3CB1FB6C1456E7D0
Silver Fishing Rod: 3CB1FB6C1456E769
Sickle: 3CB1FB6C1456E776
Super Fishing Rod: 3CB1FB6C1456E770
Super Sickle: 3CB1FB6C1456E777
Tomato Seeds: 3CB1FB6C1456E7C9
Watering Can: 3CB1FB6C1456E771

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