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Mining is run more differently then any other Harvest Moon game. Instead of going to a cave to mine you can simply mine on your own farm. If you have open spaces from where the crops go, you can till away with your hoe until you mine something up. You can hit the same spot over and over and still find some minerals. This is a good source of income, although it is hard on the stamina of the Hero.


NameProfitSell to...
Blue Rock90 GCarpenter's Shop
Copper Ore40 GCarpenter's Shop, Louis' Tool Shop
Gold Coin10 Gnone
Iron Ore60 GCarpenter's Shop, Louis' Tool Shop
Limestone100 GCarpenter's Shop, Lyla's Flower Shop
Moonlight Stone100 GCarpenter's Shop, Louis' Tool Shop
Pontata Root80 GLouis' Tool Shop
Rare Metal180 GCarpenter's Shop, Louis' Tool Shop

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