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Seasonal Weather

Like in every other Harvest Moon game there are 4 seasons in 1 year, and 30 days in 1 season. There is Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. In each season there is a certain weather pattern, depicting on what the weather will do. There are 3 different weather patterns. There is Dry, Mild, and Wet. In a Dry weather pattern, it rarely rains and is mostly sunny. In a Mild weather pattern, it sometimes rains, and for the most part is sunny but sometimes is cloudy. In a Wet weather pattern, it almost always rains, and for the most part it is cloudy. Below is the dates of each season and their weather patterns.

Dry: 22nd - 30th
Mild: 1st - 16th
Wet: 17th - 21st

Dry: 1st - 4th; 27th - 30th
Mild: 5th - 20th
Wet: 21st - 26th

Dry: 25th - 30th
Mild: 1st - 19th
Wet: 20th - 24th

Dry: 1st - 7th
Mild: 8th - 16th; 22nd - 30th
Wet: 17th - 21st

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