The field map

Since you'll be taking care of the animals, your boy partner is in charge of taking care of your crops. In the morning talk to him and he will ask if you would like him to work that day. If you tell him "no" then he won't work. Tell him "yes" if you want him to take care of the plants in your field. After selecting "yes" you'll be given an overview map of the crop field and a square you can move around by pressing the directional buttons.

The map shows how your crop field looks that morning. You'll be able to tell if seeds you planted have grown or if crops are ready to be harvested. The selection square is 4x4 in size. To have your partner do a chore press the A Button where you want him to work. You'll then be given 6 different jobs to do, which you can rotate through by pressing the Left or Right Buttons. When you find the job you want him to do press the A Button to select it. The picture that represents the job will become animated. To select a different job press the A Button to un-animate the picture and select a different one. To cancel press the B Button. When you're finished with what you want him to do press the Start button to get him working.

Clearing Clear - The boy will pull weeds, smash rocks, and chop up stumps.

Till the Soil Till - He will hoe the ground in a 3x3 shape, but if you buy The Farm Story 1 and The Farm Story 2 from Lyla's book store then he will till the soil in a sideways U-shape and in a 2-line shape.

Seeds Planting Seeds - Remember you can only plant seeds on soil that has been tilled. Pick this job and then pick which seeds you want him to plant.

Watering Water - You won't have to fill up his watering can for him.

Harvest Harvest - Have him pick mature veggies and put them in the Storage bin. Keep in mind that he can pick a lot but the Storage bin can only hold a maximum of 99 of each item! Anything extra he picks above 99 is wasted.

Auto Auto - You'll receive this ability near the end of Spring, first year. The boy will do anything he wants. If he is set to do Auto on a patch of crops he'll water the crops but he will also till any untilled soil and plant seeds!

When you first start out your boy partner is very bad at his chores! It's best that you take care of the crops for the first season or so. You can have him clear the field without much trouble, but everything else is done quite poorly. Since the girl player has access to the basic tools, you're going to want to till the soil into whatever shapes you want and plant the seeds yourself. Your partner will be able to water without causing a problem but he won't water all of the crops. When he becomes better aquainted with you he will be able to water them all and harvest everything without your help.


If you become very good friend with your partner, he might as you to marry him. When you accept his proposal then your game will end. You can still work on becoming good friends with your partner, but when he asks and you don't want to end your game then just decline his offer of marriage. The better friends you are with your partner the better he'll do taking care of the fields. Giving your boy partner lots of items like milk, eggs, and produce you grow in your field will help you gain your friendship level faster.

You can tell how far along you are on the road to marriage by talking to your partner after he's finished working in the fields for the day. In the beginning he doesn't say a whole lot, but once you start giving him stuff you've grown he'll start talking.

  • Stage 1 - What?
  • Stage 2 - I wonder about my farm... - particpate in the Setting a goal event.
  • Stage 3 - I'm getting used to it here - participate in the Have some soup! event.
  • Stage 4 - Do you like living here now? - particpate in the Partner injury event.
  • Stage 5 - Oh, sorry... What did you say?
  • Stage 6 - ... I guess we live together...
  • Stage 7 - This feeling... What is it...? - participate in the Moonlight Pendant event.
  • Stage 8 - I'm happy that I can help you with what you want to do... - participate in the Marriage Proposal (girl version) event.