As the boy you're in charge of taking care of the crops. Your girl partner will handle taking care of the animals. If you need to know how to get her to do her job (and how to eventually get married) check out the Girl Partner section.

When you start the game you will receive 1 bag of Turnip, Potato, and Asparagus seeds. You also have access to some basic tools.

Sickle Sickle - Use this to cut Grass so your partner can feed the animals. Also used for harvesting Wheat and Rice.

Hoe Hoe - Before you plant seeds you're going to need to till the ground.

Ax Ax - Used to clear the tree stumps out of your field.

Hammer Hammer - Used to clear out the large rocks in your field.

Watering Can Watering Can - You'll need this if you want to water your plants!

Shovel Shovel - When you go into the shed that houses the Hot Spring, you'll find the Shovel. Use it when you want to plant Rice.

Miracle Glove Miracle Glove - When you harvest produce with the glove, it automatically goes into your Storage Bin for shipping.

A messy field

One of the first things you're going to want to do is clear all of the stuff out of Harry's neglected crop field. The field is located to the right of the shed that holds the Hot Springs. The field is full of weeds, tree stumps, and rocks. Weeds you can pick up with the A button and thow them on the ground by pressing A again. The small rocks you can pick up and throw into the river that runs by your field. Keep 1 or 2 of them to help you flatten out mistakes you do when you're tilling the soil. The large rocks you will have to hit 6 times with your Hammer to destroy them. You have to hit the tree stumps 6 times with the Axe before they'll disappear.

Your tools will eventually level themselves up with use. Your basic tools you start with are at level 1, but after some time they'll reach level 2 and then eventually level 3. With each level you will increase the tool's power. You will hear a chime sound when your tools level up. To use the tool in its more powerfull form just press the A button down until you hear a different chime. Then release the A button to use the tool. The tools that power up are the Sickle, Hoe, Axe, Hammer, and Watering Can.

Planting seeds

Once you finish clearing the field then you can use the Hoe to ground up the soil so you can plant seeds. You can till the soil in any design you want, but when you plant the seeds they'll scatter into a 3x3 square. Since it is your first day of farming (Monday) you can take Kirk's Ferry to the Shopping Mall to buy more seeds. Don't forget to get the extra 1000 G out of the fireplace in your farm house!

Besides taking care of the main crop field you're going to have to take care of the pastures behind the animal barns. The pastures are full of weeds and whatnot so use the same tools to clear them out. Then till the ground with the Hoe and plant Grass seeds. Grass seeds can be bought from the Farmer's Union for 600G a bag.

Watering the crops

Once you've finished planting then you have to water your crops. You'll have to water your plants every day except for when it's raining or snowing outside. First fill up your Watering Can by pressing the A button while standing next to the river in your field. Then run back to your planted seeds and use the A button again to water them. Pretty simple!

The grass you plant back in the animal pastures won't need any watering. When it's full grown you can harvest it into fodder by using the Sickle.

Once your crops have matured you can pick them by being in "Hand" tool-mode, pressing the A button while standing next to the plant, and then pressing the B button to put the veggie in your rucksack. Or you can equip the Miracle Glove, press the A button to pick up the plant, and then press A again to magically send it to your Storage Bin. If you try this without the Miracle Glove equiped then you'll destroy your plant when you throw it on the ground! Then to ship items just call the Farmer's Union by using the telephone in your farm house and select how much of what produce you want to ship.