The girl needs help with her dad's farm and you're here to help her! She suggests that you can work on the crops while she works on taking care of the animals.

The girl's chores

Every morning when you wake up you can ask her to do her chores. Her job of course being to take care of the animals. If you don't have any animals she can't do any work! In order to have animals you need to have grass growing in the pasture area of each breed of animal. Your partner won't take care of the pasture area so you'll have to do it for her. She has 4 different types of chores to do.

Animals - She will feed and brush the animals.

M-E-W - Gather produce from the animals (Milk, Eggs, Wool).

Anything - Your partner will feed the animals and gather produce! This chore isn't an option until the 9th of Spring.

None - Don't take care of the animals that day.

Taking care of animals

Once you tell her what chore you want her to do, she'll go to the animal barns to work. If you want to see how well she does then go into the barns and she'll meet you at the door. Your partner will tell you what she did (feed, take care of animals, or gather produce) and then leave the barn. Early in the game your partner won't do a very good job feeding the animals so you'll have to feed the animals she missed.

Besides feeding the animals, she will brush the cows and horses. When you visit her in the barns she will tell you how many animals she brushed. Since the boy player does not have the Brush tool to use you won't be able to brush the animals she missed. She also won't "take care" of the chickens (can't brush chickens!) or the sheep. Often she'll miss gathering the produce from the cows, chickens, and sheep. If she misses the cows then you'll out of luck since you can't use a milker. If she misses the chickens you can pick the eggs up yourself. If she misses the sheep just have her try again the next day.

You can get your partner to take care of the sheep though. You will need to trade the Shampoo tool from a girl version of Harvest Moon 3 to your boy version. After that your partner will be able to use the Shampoo to "take care" of the sheep. You can find more information on how to do that in the Trading section.

Getting married!

One of the benefits of playing the Boy version of Harvest Moon 3 is you can get married and your game won't end! Getting married requires you to have a high love level with your girl partner. You can raise your love level by giving her items that you've produced on the farm such as veggies and eggs.

Your girl partner will go through 8 love-level stages before she asks if you want to get married. You can tell how far along you are by talking to her after she's finished doing her chores and she's back in the farm house.

  • Stage 1 - What is it?
  • Stage 2 - I'm getting use to farm life. - participate in the Setting a Goal event.
  • Stage 3 - Umm... I'm kind of bored... - participate in the Impossible Dream? event.
  • Stage 4 - Lets work hard together - particpate in the Dad's letter event.
  • Stage 5 - What? Ah, what is it [your name]?
  • Stage 6 - I guess we live together... - participate in the A serious question event.
  • Stage 7 - Did Mom feel this way about Dad... hmmm?
  • Stage 8 - I have to make Dad's dream come true! - participate in the Marriage proposal (boy version) event.

After she asks you to get married you have 5 days of bachelor-hood left. On the morning of the 5th day you'll all meet at the Elder's for the ceramony. After the wedding there's no honeymoon for you! You and your partner will be back to work that same day! Your wedding aniversary date will appear in your system notebook under your name.

Just because the two of you are married doesn't mean you can ignore her love level. Continue to give her items like before and soon one morning she will tell you that she's pregnant. You're going to be a father! The unfortunate thing about pregnancy is that your wife feels that it's no longer necessary for her to do any of her chores. Since she's going to be pregnant for 2 seasons (60 days) that means it's up to you to take care of the animals for that time. Remember you don't have access to any of her tools so the only animal you're going to receive any produce from are the chickens.

Your wife and baby

On the morning of the 60th day, Nancy the Nurse from Harvest Moon 2 will arrive on your farm to help your wife have the baby. After some interesting dialog, Nancy will tell you that the two of you have a baby. The gender of the baby is random so you might have a boy or you might have a girl. Give your new baby a name and after Nancy leaves the farm house you can talk to your wife while she rests in bed. Your new baby will be in the baby crib.

Remember! No baby crib, no baby!

The baby has grown!

Your baby will stay in it's crib for 30 days. After that it will begin to walk around your farm house. The child will never be able to help you with any of the farm work. Your wife can become pregnant a second time so you can have two children total.