Rice and Wheat seeds

At the start of your second year you can buy Rice and Wheat seeds from the Farmer's Union. The seeds are located in the far left-hand corner of the store, next to the Grass seeds. Each bag of seeds costs 600G. Talk about expensive seeds!

Both crops are very low maintenance; neither one of them ever needs watering! The Summer hurricanes also won't wash the Rice or Wheat away, but the Earthquake that occurs on the 9th of Spring will destroy your newly planted crops by spewing rocks all over your field. I recommend waiting until the 9th or after to plant these crops. Don't waste your bags of Fertilizer on these guys either, it doesn't work. Remember to have your Scarecrow out in your field else the wild animals will eat your Wheat but for some reason they won't eat your Rice.

Planting Wheat

Wheat is the simpler of the two crops to plant. Just make sure you use the Hoe on your soil first, just like with any other crops you plant. Since you don't have to water it, you can fill your whole field with Wheat. You can walk on these plants too!

Planting Rice

Planting Rice takes some effort though. Rice won't grow on soil like all of your other crops. It can only grow in water. What you'll need to do is use the Shovel tool and dig big puddles in your crop field. Then when you have finished, plant the Rice seeds in the water. You don't have to worry about putting a walking path between your 3x3 patches of Rice.

Grown rice and wheat

After 60 days your crops will be matured. You can harvest the Wheat and Rice by using your Sickle to cut them down. The cut produce will automatically transfer to your Storage Bin. Wheat sells for 100 G a piece and Rice sells for 150 G.

Besides the Rice and Wheat seeds appearing in your second year, two books will appear in Lyla's book store in the Shopping Mall. The books are called "Baking Bread" and "Making Rice Cakes". Those two items don't fit in your bookshelf so you can't read them. They might be for the boy partner in the girl version of the game but since there's no spot for bread and rice cakes in the Storage Bin, most likely the books don't do anything.