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Let's fish them up!! Legend of the River King Advance, 川のぬし釣り5不思議の森から, is a fishing role-playing Gameboy Advance game developed by Victor Interactive Software (JP). The game was released in Japan in March of 2002 and has an anticipated North American release date of Summer 2003 but game will not be localized into English.

The game was re-released for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console on July 6, 2016, but again, Japan only.

The story starts out at the beginning of Summer Vacation. Your Dad wants to see a festival out in the rural country and takes you along with him. Unfortunatly you're not too thrilled to go but Dad introduces you to Tadao, one of the boys who live in the area. Tadao takes you into the forest to show you the pond where the River King is rumored to live.

While Tadao goes off to get some more worms, you feel a tug on your fishing line. Instead of fishing up the King of the Lake, you are pulled into the water! When you wake up find yourself next to a tranquil pond surrounded by a rock wall. The strange thing is there are 5 doors along the wall! It's up to you to uncover the mystery of the forest's doors and find a way to return home.

In previous versions of River King your goal was to catch the King of Fish. In River King Advance that is still true but now you have to rescue people who have been transformed into fish! Each of the game's 5 main areas has inhabitants who are trapped in fish-form. Using your fishing skills, you have to find each of the fish and rescue the grateful villagers. The people-fish won't just appear whenever though; you have to follow the storyline and then fish each person up in a specific order.

This webpage is here to assist gamers who are playing Legend of the River King Advance. If you can't find a specific fish, check out the Fish page to find maps of their locations. Not sure where to find all the stat-increasing Nuts? Look in the Items section. Even if you can't find the answer you're looking for, you can always ask on the Message Board.

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