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Fishing Areas

There are 6 Notebooks covering each of the Forest's areas. In each area you have to rescue the inhabitants that have been transformed into fish. Each individual has to be caught in order before the next person will be catchable. For example, if you have two people transformed into a Yamame and a Cherry Salmon, you have to catch the Yamame first before you can catch the person who is the Cherry Salmon. Even if you catch a C.Salmon before the Yamame, the fish won't transform until after you rescue the person who is a Yamame.

When you finish locating all the fish in an area, the word "CLEAR" will appear on the Notebook. It's not necessary to clear all the area's Notebooks to finish the game.

Area 1 map Area 1: Nushikiri Village

The first area is nice and quiet. A perfect place to start! The pond up the mountain isn't accessible your first time through, but once you start through Area 3 (Coldpack), you can come back here to finish the Notebook.

No. of people transformed: 9
No. of fish breeds: 10

Area 2 map Area 2: Oven Kingdom

The temperature is high and so are the local prices! What's going on? It's time to team up with the Prince and investigate the King's recently strange actions. The giant fish swimming around will be catchable once the two of you solve the mystery.

No. of people transformed: 1
No. of fish breeds: 11

Area 3 map Area 3: Coldpack

Oven Kingdom may be super hot, but Coldpack is super cold! A whole class-worth of students have gone missing, the hotel employees bicker with one another, and the only warm spot in the whole area is inside the sauna.

No. of people transformed: 4
No. of fish breeds: 9

Area 4 map Area 4: Kokonatsu Village

Now it's time for some tropical paradise. The village is made up of two sections; fishing and farming. The farmers are still around but all the fisherman are missing! A local boy asks you to help him find his sister's husband.

No. of people transformed: 5
No. of fish breeds: 9

Area 5 map Area 5: Fairy Town

You're almost done! True love has gone awry when a maiden's sweetheart has gone missing and her dad is trying to marry her to someone else! The new suitor is creepy and only appears to be after the family's money.

No. of people transformed: 2
No. of fish breeds: 9

Area 6 map Area 6 - Forest Entrance

This is where you started your adventure and the same place where it ends. Once you finish the story of Fairy Town, you will need to return to this area. The River King is waiting for you!

No. of people transformed: 0
No. of fish breeds: 1