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How to catch fish

Tadao was in the process of teaching you how to fish when you were pulled into the King's pond. Unfortunately none of your equipment traveled over with you to the mysterious forest! When you first meet with Shizuki he will give you a Small Bait Rod, a Small Hook, and thin Bait Rod Line. If you can't remember how to fish then talk with Shizuki again and he'll give you a small explanation.

Whatever type of pole you decide to use, you will have to combine the seperate parts together before you can use it. You need a rod, line, lure or hook, and possibly bait. Press the Start button to bring up the menu, then select the Equipment menu. It looks like a button with a fishing pole on it.

You first need to select the type of rod you want to use to make your fishing pole. You will start out with the Bait rod, but you eventually will get Lure rod, the Royal rod, and the Legendary rod. After you select your rod using the A Button press the Down button to select the Line. If you use a Bait rod, the next Down will take you to your hooks but if you use a Lure rod you'll reach your selection of Reels instead.

The better the Line you choose to use, the bigger the fish you can catch.

Once you have combined your pole together, press the Left Shoulder button to quickly reach the Bait/Lure menu. From here you can select what you want to attach to your hook or reel. If you are using a Bait Pole combo you don't have the ability to attach a Lure. Press the B Button to exit the menus and get back to the main map.

When you are ready to bait fish just walk up to the side of the water and press the B Button to pull out your fishing pole. Press B one more time to cast your line. The longer you press down the button, the further you can throw your line. When a fish takes a bite of your bait you will see it's shadow swim around in a circle and the bobber will sink into the water. When that happens press B one more time.

Under the water you'll see the fish and your line. The fish will swim away at first, but it eventually will get tired. That's when you can press the A Button or B Button to reel in the fish. When it becomes tougher to reel in your line, let go of your button to let the fish swim for a bit. When it slows down again that's when you can start reeling it in again.

When you use a Lure instead, press B to reel the lure back towards you after you cast. If your lure gets close to a fish then it will bite. During the underwater fight you will have to tap the B Button to entice the fish to get close and hook onto the lure. The more you pull in your line with the B Button, the closer it will be to you when it finally takes the lure. A fish will try the catch the lure 3 times before it gives up and swims away.

If your fish gets up to the top of the water and begins to splash around, that's your cue to press and hold down the A Button or B Button. If you don't the fish will dislodge the hook from it's mouth and swim away to freedom.

Once you've caught your fish you will learn it's species type and size. You can choose to keep it or throw it back. You will also earn EXP to help you level up. If your current level is high you'll have more hit points. Hit points will translate to the length of line you can use to catch fish. If your line (hit points) is too short the fish will get away!