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Game Characters

Dad Dad
Dragging you out to the middle of nowhere wasn't your idea of Summer fun, but you didn't have a choice. He is Dad after all!
Tadao Tadao
One of the locals from the village you have to stay at. He teaches you how to fish and shows you the lake where the King is suppose to live.
Shizuki Shizuki
The Shaman Kid of NushiKiri Village. He explains to you the problems they have and gives you your first fishing rod.
Kikku Kikku
The wacky squirrel who hangs out with Shizuki. He joins you on your quest to restore the forest's inhabitants and find a way home.
Gonsaku Gonsaku
He lives in a cabin north of Shizuki's shrine. Big and burley looking, but yet has a soft spot in his heart for Hatsune.
Hatsune Hatsune
Lives with her mother in the village. Gonsaku protects Hatsune and her mother when they're in their fish-form from being eaten.
Jimotto Jimotto
The Prince of the Oven Kingdom. He starts an investigation to determine why the King has been acting strangly.
The King The King
Rules over the Oven Kingdom with his advisor. His latest decree has all of the shops raising the price of the items they sell.
Akira Akira
The castle guards keep trying to capture her, but she always gets away. Akira is also the Shaman Kid from Oven Kingdom.
Jii-ya Jiiya
He's the royal doctor but he and Akira got booted out of the castle by the King. Jimotto likes to sneak out of the castle to visit him.
Doochi Doochi
She opens her doors to you when you arrive at Coldpack during a snow storm. Doochi explains how their teacher is missing.
Touma Touma
The Shaman Kid of Coldpack; he works in the Hotel and gives you the Legendary fishing line for helping out the school children.