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Game Walkthrough

The game has 6 main parts to it; 5 doors and the main King Pond area. Behind each door is part of the mysterious forest and a town at the end of the path. As you progress through each area the next door will unlock. You can always go back to the previous area to catch fish you missed the first time through.

After you are pulled into the King's pond the first door will already be opened for you. Follow the squirrel through the forest and into Nushikiri Village

Nushikiri Village Part 1: Nushikiri Village

Follow the squirrel to the town hidden in the forest. Your fishing adventure will start here and you will come back to this village later for another task.

Oven Kingdom Part 2: Oven Kingdom

Hot and sandy is the second town. You're here to unravel the mystery surrounding the King and his assistant, and help the Prince uncover what really is going on.

Cold Pack Part 3: Coldpack

From super hot right to super freezing, Coldpack has several areas for catching fish and some interesting characters maintaining the local Inn. There is even a hot sauna involved in this chapter.

Part 4: Nushikiri Village Part 4: Kokonatsu Village

A village split into two parts. One dedicated to fishing and the other to agriculture. The men from the fishing half seem to have all disappeared except for a isolated hermit who lives to the south.