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Items and Equipment

River King Advance has a wide variety of items you can have in your inventory. When ever you want to view your stuff, press the Start button on your Gameboy. The game will pause and take you to the inventory.

Inventory navigation

At the top you'll see the categories your items are listed in. To move between sections press the Right, Left, Right Shoulder, and Left Shoulder buttons. To enter a section just press A button. Once you're inside a category you can still rotate between the different ones by using the shoulder buttons. The current category you are in always appear pink in the inventory bar.

You can carry a stack of 9 items before it splits into another stack. If you had 15 worms then you would have a stack of 9 and a stack of 6 taking up space inside your inventory. Also each area has different prices for what they'll buy and sell. If you think you can get a better deal on a large bait rod in a different area, feel free to travel there to buy it. Selling items is the same way; Fairy Town is a horrible place to sell stuff at!

Food: There are a lot of different types of food you can eat to regain your hit points. Some of it you can find on the ground while walking through the forest. Forest food isn't as beneficial as the food you can buy at the General Store. You only have room in your inventory for 10 different kinds of food, so be picky about it. If you find any stat-increasing Nuts, they go in here too.

Items: If you purchase anything that's non-fishing related, it will go in here. You're not going to receive a whole lot of Items. If you receive anything from a person that's not going to assist you in fishing, it will go in here too.

Bait: All of your bait and lures go in here. Some of the bait you can find on the ground for free while wandering around catching fish. Every so often you'll find a Spinner lure on the ground, but most of the time you have to buy them from the General Store.

Gear: There are only 4 different sets of fishing gear and you'll find them all in here. There's a section for fishing rods, reels, hooks, and line. Every time you switch to a different fishing rod, you have to go through and re-equip the other components.

Fish: When you catch a fish Kikku asks if you want to keep it or throw it back. Any fish you keep will be listed in your Fish basket. Depending on the size of basket you own, you can have 5, 10, or 15 fish. If your Fish basket is full you'll have to go to the Fish Market to sell before catching more fish.

Books: Each area has a notebook, which gives you a general map. When you catch a fish an entry with the fish's information will appear in the notebook. The area's map will also be marked with a general location where you can catch the fish. When you catch all the different kinds of fish in an area, the words "CLEAR" will appear on the face of the book.

Save: You can save your game at any time, but you only can have 1 game saved. You can also change your directional controls here.