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After you finish

Once you catch the River King and return to your own world, you can continue to visit the Mysterious Forest just by starting your saved game again. All of the people and fish are still around, but there are some new little things for you to do.

Royal Equipment
Royal Fishing Equipment

If you have finished filling the pages of your Notebooks, return to the King of the Oven Kingdom. He'll reward you by giving you the Royal Fishing Equipment for keeps. You can pretty much catch any fish using the Royal equipment except for the River King.

Sound Test
Sound Test

Next to Haruki's house in Fairy Town is where you'll find the sound test. Walk up to the door of the house and press the A button to listen to the music. The 10th song in the list is a bonus song that isn't used during your first run through the game.

Forest Nuts
Buying Forest Nuts

Next to the house with the sound test is an entrance back into the forest. At the end of the path you'll find your Dad. He has become a Forest Nut salesman! You can buy the red, yellow, and green nuts for 50000G a piece. Even if you don't buy anything he'll recharge your hit points for free when you leave his shop.

Fairy Town maze
Fairy Town maze

Behind the sound test house in Fairy Town is another home that will take you back into the forest. Now you will have to walk down one of the repeating paths in the proper sequence in order to reach the treasure at the end. If you take the wrong path you'll hear a bird "squaaak" and you'll end up at the beginning of the maze. When you feel like leaving the maze, just take a wrong turn so you are teleported back to the entrance, then just take the southwest path back to Fairy Town. The correct path through is...

nw, ne, ne, se, se, se, sw, sw
(highlight line above to view answer)

Tadao battle
Battle with Tadao

The most challenging fight in the game isn't with the River King, but with Tadao. Return to the Oven Kingdom and enter the house that the Mole Barron told you earlier you couldn't enter. Inside is Tadao and he's looking for a fight! The battle is basically just a game of rock/paper/scissors.