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Oh I agree Mr. Thompson. Those Turtles are nothing but a slimey, green pestilence!

Vernon Fenwick
Return of the Shredder

About the Shrine

The Vernon Fenwick Shrine started out in March of 1999 as a tribute to the most neglected character from the Ninja Turtle cartoon show. Not much changed with the shrine until August 2002, when it was apparent that Vernon-appreciation had faded from the public eye. It had nothing to do with the fact that I needed something to do at work during the long hours of downtime... no... really... that wasn't a factor in it at all...

In anticipation of the upcoming Ninja Turtle cartoon airing in 2003, the shrine has gone through an over-haul. Unfortunatly Vernon will most likely not be appearing in the television show. To prevent the memory of the greatest Ninja Turtle character from being forgotten, the shrine had to be remade to be even larger.

The quotes that randomly appear at the top of the page are all taken from the Ninja Turtle video tapes that I own. Yes, Vernon actually said those things in the cartoon. He's so manly!

Why in the hell did you make a webpage all about Vernon Fenwick? I hate that guy!

Vernon is probably the most abused character on the Ninja Turtle cartoon show. Do the Turtles ever get beat up? Sometimes. Does Vernon get beat up? Always. Whenever Vernon appears on the show you just know that he's going to get himself into some sort of trouble. That's what makes him so appealing. He's so whitty and sneaky that he could be a mentor to show you how to raise your rank in your employment status. Just stick with Vernon and soon you'll be the boss.

Why are the graphics on a grey/white/blue background?

The graphics are in PNG-24 (Portable Network Graphics). Modern day web browsers are suppose to be fully supporting PNG as of now, but certain large companies have not implemented it completely into their web browser software. The rest of the smaller browser companies have. Likewise the per-said large companies are also suppose to have standard W3C support for Cascade Style Sheets, but they haven't done that yet either.

So there's no GIFs in the V-shrine?

Nope, none at all. Why not more? Read up on the GIF vs PNG battle at http://www.burnallgifs.org.

I really like those fonts you used on the graphics! What are they?

The "I adore you" is made using Words Of Love. The "Vernon" is made with the Vitamin font. Both fonts were created by Jakob "Pizzadude" Fischer, a master of making fonts. Those two and other fonts can be downloaded at http://www.pizzadude.dk.

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