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Vernon Fenwick and Burne Thompson
Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter

The name of Fenwick is not just reserved for our hero Vernon. There are several people and places who share the same last name as He.


Fenwick Island, Deleware, USA

A town on the narrow strip of land seperating Deleware from the Atlantic Ocean. Nearby are the communities of Fenwick Landing, Fenwick Estates, and Fenwick.

Fenwick, Michigan, USA

Another city, this time in the Great Lakes area. Nessled between Grand Rapids and Lansing, the state capital. A perfect location for a Vernon monument since there doesn't appear to be anything else exciting there.

Fenwick, Ontario, Canada

A much more happening place compaired to its American counterpart. Full of golf courses and cozy Bread and Breakfast Inns.

Vernon, BC, Canada

The official home page of Vernon, British Columbia. Seems like there's an awful lot of Vernon-ese goi'n on in Canada. Could they all be closet Vernon Fenwick fans?!?


Millicent Fenwick, United States Represenative

Born in 1910, she served in the House of Represenatives for New Jersey. She was also the model figure for Lacey Davenport in Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury comic strip. Millicent passed away in 1992. I bet she would of kicked April's butt.

Ethel Bedford-Fenwick, Nurse

She founded the British College of Nurses in London, England back in 1926. She also worked on the Nursing Record publication in 1887, eventually buying it and renaming it to the British Journal of Nursing. She died in 1947 at the age of 90.

William Fenwick, Lawyer

Partner in the very large law firm Fenwick & West, LLP. William and his army of lawyers represent high-tech companies with litigation, mergers, and even copyright lawsuits.

Peter Fenwick, Director

Peter's company makes software and small business networks. He started his business in 1976, which is based in Southbank, Victoria in Australia. Vernon's not quite as much a fan of computers like Peter is though.

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