I adore thee... Vernon Fenwick

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I'm warning you, lay one finger on Vernon and the entire city will be an eye witness!

April O'Neil
Polly Wanna Pizza

Although they won't admit it, the characters in the Ninja Turtle cartoon do actually appeciate Vernon. He's just so friendly that they all want to hug and cuddle him!

Since Vernon is so slender, he is easly picked up and carried around by the other show cast members. They wouldn't want Vernon to trip and fall on his beautiful face! Instead the cast like to pick him up off the ground and carry him from place to place. That way Vernon stays safe from harm.

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Personally I'd like to pick up the V-man and take him home with me. Then I can cook him lots of nummy food! Of course with my cooking he may not weigh so little after awhile. I guess that would mean that no one else could pick him up then. Lucky me!

Splinter from Splinter No More There's just got to be something said about his stylish clothes. Pink shirts are all the rave in the fashion community. A lot of characters in the Turtle show like to imitate Vernon by dressing up in pink shirts with purple neckties. Take Master Splinter here; he tries to be so Vouge but unfortunatly he just can't pull it off quite right. Yo Splinty, leave the cool clothes to Vernon! Even Shredder tries to be like Vernon by wearing pink shirts when he's not wearing his costume, but he doesn't throw on any purple accessories because he knows he just can't be as cool.

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