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He can't talk that way about our species! I'm going down to Channel 6 and give that Vernon a piece of my green mind!

Donatello Trashes Slash

April O'Neil Grr... April O'Neil. This chick is Vernon's #1 rival at Channel 6. If April wasn't around to steal all of Vernon's news stories, he would be the top reporter. Often times he's forced to work with her as her cameraman. Why Mr. Thompson makes a news correspondent hold the camera I don't know. Vernon is by far more valuable to Channel 6 then a normal cameraman!

So while Vernon is stuck with the camera, April is taking all of his glory. The only advantage she has over Vernon is that she's in cahoots with the Ninja Turtles. The Turtles always have some big news story surrounding their daily lives, so April just tags along with them to get stories. Sometimes I bet those Turtles create chaos just so April can get a news story! Vernon doesn't have any little green men to do all the work for him so he has to go out and find the stories on his own.

Vernon and Irma Vernon does have his own little "side kick" though. Irma, the Channel 6 receptionist, often will get assigned to help Vernon find good news stories. The two of them go through a lot together! They're captured by the Rat King multiple times and get sucked into Dimension X more often then April does. Where ever you see Vernon, Irma is sure to tag along not far behind. Sometimes I wonder about that Irma though...

Irma and April Irma is really a man-eater. She quite often will pick up on the people who come into the Channel 6 building. She even thought Splinter was "hunky"! I think what she is really trying to do is get Vernon jealous, but he won't have anything to do with her. He knows she's a player! She just wants Vernon's body and then she'll toss him out just like she does with the rest of her men. If she got a hold of Vernon she'd destroy him like a female praying mantis does with it's mate. Then April and Irma would celebrate the destruction of yet another handsome man! Next they'll go after Burne Thompson in their evil quest to take over Channel 6. If those two girls got a hold of Channel 6 who knows what they would do. Maybe turn it into the command base where the Turtles would launch their campaign to take over the world! Good thing Vernon's around to stop those two.

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