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April gets all the juicy assignments. Burne will finally realize that I'm just as good of a reporter as she is when I scoop her on that story!

Vernon Fenwick
Krangenstein Lives

Vernon Fenwick is April O'Neil's rival news reporter coworker from Channel 6. Vernon acts as a cameraman, director, commentator, and on-scene reporter. April O'Neil on the other hand, just walks around with her dinky camera and reports. Vernon should be the #1 "ace" reporter of Channel 6!

Vernon's first appearance Vernon's character debut in 1987 in the very first episode of the Ninja Turtle cartoon, Turtle Tracks. Right after April O'Neil finished reporting her story about crime, Vernon pops his head out of the Channel 6 news van and tells her to hurry up and pack her equipment. Only a few minutes into the first episode and a star is born! Vernon appeared in the Turtle cartoon before the Turtles even showed up!

Mr. Fenwick is also a very fashionable dresser. His clothes are sexy as Don Johnson's during his Miami Vice days. Who else but Vernon would wear a skinny purple tie and suspenders? Later on in the Turtle series Vernon had a small pocket-pouch attached to his belt. It was probably holding a can of defensive pepper spray to keep the ravenous ladies away from him.

Since his cartoon premiere, Vernon has starred in 108 Ninja Turtle cartoon episodes. From 1987 until 1994 he scooped April on her stories, bravely fought against the Foot, and belittled those "nasty reptiles" whenever he got the chance.

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