I adore thee... Vernon Fenwick

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Vernon, why aren't you getting this on tape?!
And get that awful pirate mad at me? No way!

April O'Neil and Vernon Fenwick
Raphael meets his match


#1 - Turtle Tracks

Turtle Tracks Our first episode staring Vernon Fenwick! At the beginning he's trying to convince the foolish April to leave the scientific lab that she's doing a story on. If she would of listened to Vernon she wouldn't of been attacked by Shredder's thugs. Then later on in the episode he's reminding Burne Thompson that she wasn't his second-best reporter (actually his third-best reporter).

#5 - Shredder is Splintered

Shredder is Splintered April takes the newly-built Turtle Van to Channel 6. She shows Vernon and the camera crew the inside of the van to prove to them that the Turtles aren't bad. Is she trying to expose the Turtles? Yes because she's evil! Vernon has to put up with her crazy driving as she tries to reach the oversized Krang android trashing the city.


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