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Vernon Fenwick
Raphael meets his match


#6 - Return of the Shredder

Burne Thompson was trying to convince April that the Turtles were a "menace to society". That thick- headed April didn't believe him for some reason. Even Vernon tried to tell her the same thing but she stormed out of the room pouting. Vernon filmed some news footage of the Ninja Turtles robbing a jewelry store but April was convinced that it was the Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang.

#7 - The Incredible Shrinking Turtles

While the Channel 6 staff listen to Burne give a speech, Vernon was listening when April's TurtleCom went off and disturbed the meeting! How rude of her!

#9 - The Mean Machines

The Mean Machines Burne is ranting because April has gone missing again so Vernon tries to comfort him the best he can. Vernon volunteers to take April's assignment but Burne makes the assignment sound so horrible that no sane person would want to take it. Vernon's safety comes first!

#10 - Curse of the Evil Eye

Besides working with that inferior April O'Neil in this episode, he has to deal with an incompetent van driver named Blodgett. Even after he tells Blodgett not to drive away, he drives off in the van because he's scared of a dragon, then proceeds to drive the Channel 6 van into the bay. The van sinks into the water and poor Vernon lost all of his equipment!

#11 - Case of the Killer Pizzas

Case of the Killer Pizzas While April is chasing little pizza puffballs, she drags Vernon and Irma into her quest. Into the sewers all 3 of them go but once the "creatures" make an appearance in the sewers she ditches Irma and Vernon and finds the Turtles instead. What happened to Vernon? He probably was saving Irma from the Pizza Monsters. Some friend April is!

#14 - New York's Shiniest

Vernon is minding his own business in the control booth of Channel 6 when the Ninja Turtles kidnap him! April wanted to do a news story about Rex 1 from the sewers, but she needed a camera man. She sent her hoodlum Turtle friends to grab Vernon and drag him back to the sewer. Then they didn't even let him do his job with out a blindfold! At least the Turtles took him back to Channel 6 when they were done with April's story.

#16 - Teenagers from Dimension X

A short Vernon episode. Burne is going frantic because the Neutrinos just "buzzed" the Channel 6 building and no one is covering the story with a camera. He even orders Vernon to help get the story about the strange flying car going by the windows.

#17 - Catwoman from Channel 6

Catwoman from Channel 6 While April does her news story about the food-eating contest, Vernon gets stuck as her cameraman again. Later on he politely lets her know that it's almost time for her to go on the air and she replies by throwing a vase at his head! April is so violent!

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