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Vernon Fenwick and Michaelangelo
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#19 - Beneath the Streets

Vernon is stuck as April's cameraman again. Bebop and Rocksteady charged into the news conference at the hospital and steal the mini-laser gun. A flying doctor almost hits Vernon!

#20 - Turtles on Trial

Clayton Kellerman is a dirty talk-show host who is trying to get publicity for his show by insulting the Turtles. Vernon talks with him for a few minutes but that's about it.

#21 - Attack of the 50 Foot Irma

Attack of the 50 Foot Irma While Vernon and Irma are in the storeroom looking for meteorite articles, Irma steps on his cute little foot. Irma doesn't realize she's growing and knocks over a box of papers on top of Vernon! At least he left the room with out receiving any more injury from her. Later he goes to scoop April on her story but the Turtles get Irma shrunk down to normal size before he gets there. Someday Vernon will triumph.

#22 - The Maltese Hamster

Burne and Vernon convince April that she should find out more about the latest crime lord Butch the Butcher. Vernon tries to be so nice to April but we all know later that she'll find some way of screwing him over.

#23 - Sky Turtles

Sky Turtles Shredder and Krang create a machine that changes the law of gravity, causing everyone to float up in mid-air. The Channel 6 gang gets stuck to the ceiling, with Vernon reminding April that it's all her fault because she asked Mr. Thompson for a raise. Luckily Vernon breaks a sprinkler head and all four of them come crashing down.

#25 - Burne's Blues

Burne, irritated with April because she won't show footage of the Turtles, decides to go find them on his own. He volunteers Vernon to go with him. Lucky Vernon! The Turtles were on the trail of Shredder and his stolen Freeon when they were frozen solid! Right as Burne and Vernon were about to capture the Turtles they were abducted by alien tickling-Elvis'.

#27 - Enter the Rat King

Trying to find an idea for the night's news editorial, Vernon was scolding April for not coming up with any ideas. Burne came in and told her to do a story on the city's new rat problem. Right as April was giving her rat story, she dissappeared! Burne ordered Vernon to go find her. Vernon deligates the job down to Irma.

#30 - Attack of the Big Macc

A short Vernon appearance. He came in to tell Burne and April that some "bezerko robot" was attacking a police station.

#31 - The Ninja Sword of Nowhere

Burne was upset that it was a slow day for news so he tells Vernon that "man bite dog is news" and tells Vernon to go bite a dog. Vernon returns to Channel 6 with a dog :)

#32 - 20,000 Leaks Under the City

It's Mr. Thompson's 50th birthday so the Channel 6 gang take him out to his birthday lunch. Vernon looks so cute in his pointy party hat! When Shredder floods the city with sea water, the gang get stuck on top of the seafood restaurant's roof. Burne throws Vernon into a diving suit so he can make it back across the street to Channel 6, but he get's attacked by giant squid.

#34 - The Four Musketurtles

The Four Musketurtles The newsgang are covering the Mardi Gras Parade story. The Turtles show up, lacking costumes of course, and Vernon asked them where they got their ugly costumes. Raphael remarked "the same place you got that ugly mask". Raphael is obviously jealous of Vernon's good looks. Later on he keeps having to remind Irma to point the camera the right way and stop buffing her "tacky" jewelry.

#35 - Turtles, Turtles Everywhere

The gang is doing a story on the city's new robotic garbage trucks. April and Vernon have to interview the CPU of the automatic garbage recycling center, but DUMP (the CPU) startles Vernon and he falls into the garbage. Since Vernon smelled so bad, DUMP dry cleaned him.

#37 - Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers

Invasion of the Turtle 
Snatchers It's April's first aniversary at Channel 6 but Burne doesn't think she's getting good enough stories. Burne gives Vernon April's office because he has a "hot" story and she does not. Even after that blow to her ego (mwa ha ha), Burne tells her that she can tag along with Vernon on his story as his cameraman. Woo go Vernon!

#38 - Camera Bugged

After a fight with the Turtles vs Shredder, April accidentally grabbed the Polarisoid's video camera instead of the standard Channel 6 one. When Vernon aired the tape he realized that her tape was not the "big story" that she was claiming it to be. It was actually a tape of the people stuck inside the Polarisoid's camera. Vernon returned the tape to April, scolding her for trying to air a horror movie as a big story. How dare she try to trick him!

#39 - Green With Jealousy

The Turtles ate a pizza laced with Love Potion (courtesy of Shredder) so Leonardo, Michaelangelo, and Raphael fell in love with Irma. The 3 Turtles sent her gifts, including flowers and a puppy. Irma's new puppy decided to have some fun with Vernon and takes a sheet of papers away from him.

#41 - Casey Jones, Outlaw Hero

The robotic bugs that Krang created are taking over all the machines in the city, including the ones inside Channel 6. A copy machine attacked Vernon! He bravely fought off the paper and their deadly paper cuts.

#42 - Mutagen Monster

Mutagen Monster Vernon decided that the story about the chemical train wreck needed more professional coverage then he felt April could supply. He drove up to April, swiped her little mini-cam, and took off to cover the story himself! The giant mutant bull that came out of the chemical spill was too dangerous for Vernon though, so he conceded and gave April back her camera. Vernon's health comes first!

#44 - Pizza by the Shred

Michaelangelo decides to get a job as a delivery pizza boy and one of his orders is to Channel 6. When he gets there he delivers a whole wheat with cheese pizza to Vernon. Once the pizza is delivered Michaelangelo hints that he would like a delivery tip. Vernon, with all of his wisdom, tells him to get a new job.

#43 - Super Rocksteady and Mighty Bebop

Super Rocksteady and Mighty Bebop Shredder's Mesmerizer Ray machine was broken by Bebop and Rocksteady, causing some ill affects on our news gang. First it turned them all into zombies, then they changed into 5-year olds. Vernon decided he wanted his snack (milk and cookies) but the Shredder wouldn't give it to him so Vernon kicked Shredder in the leg! He's so brave! The Mesmerizer Ray turned everyone into dogs, monkeys, then back to normal when Rocksteady accidentally fell on top of it.

#46 - Beware the Lotus

The moon is full and romance is in the air. Burne decides it's a good time to do a story on romance so he puts April in charge. Unfortunately he makes Vernon her cameraman. When Lotus Blossom trashes the perfume factory, Vernon lets April cover the story and returns to Channel 6. There Burne sends him out to the nearest flower store to do a story on roses. Somehow she scooped him on his rose story! Grrr.....

#49 - Michaelangelo's Birthday

While looking out the Channel 6 window, Vernon spots Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady trashing the street below. Like the good reporter he is, he grabs his video camera and films the footage. Burne is so impressed that he asks Vernon to get more footage. Later in the episode April is reviewing Vernon's footage without his permission. I betcha she was trying to steal his story!

#51 - Case of the Hot Kimono

Mr. Thompson slipped on a banana peel and was very mad. April's aunt Aggie, being a detective, deduced that it was VERNON that dropped the banana peel on the floor. She tried to frame him! Vernon, under pressure from Aggie, falsely admitted that it was his banana peel in order to get her off his case. Later Don Tortelli tried to get kimono information from him by tickling his foot, but Vernon wouldn't break and didn't tell him anything!

#53 - The Making of Metalhead

April was trying to sneak Donatello into the Channel 6 building but Burne and Vernon appeared while Donatello was trying to make it up to the Channel 6 transmitter. April lied to Burne and Vernon when the inquired as to what she was doing there on her day off. She's a horrible role model!

#54 - Leatherhead Meets RatKing

Leatherhead vs. RatKing The RatKing stole a tanker of rat poison so Burne sent the news gang out to investigate. April drags them into the sewers, where they get captured by the RatKing. April gets away so she must of sent Vernon into the sewers to get captured on purpose! Irma and Vernon had to tolerate the RatKing's mind control gas while April was wandering around with Leatherhead. After being "rescued", Vernon tried to record the story with his video camera. April must of slipped the lens cap back on the camera because it was on the lens after the fighting was over.

#55 - The Turtle Terminator

Vernon appears for a few seconds, talking to the Irma robotic-clone who is doing all of the secretary work for Channel 6.

#59 - The Grybyx

A mysterious portal opened up in the sky above the city and April was covering the story. She proceeded to tell Vernon how "anything" could come though the portal. Vernon went and prepaired himself for anything that would come by protecting the ground underneath the news van. Then when the Grybyx flew out of the portal and down the street, April jumped into the news van and ran over the top of Vernon!

#61 - Shredderville

Vernon had to announce the "I Love Shredder Show".

#63 - The Big Rip Off

Shredder somehow took over all of the Army's weapons at Fort Charles and Vernon was sent out to cover the story. April was trapped inside in an airtight room so Vernon made the statement that if April was to perish, he would carry on with reporting for her. What a man!

#65 - The Big Blow Out

The Big Blow Out More reporting from Vernon, explaining how the unstoppable Technodrome was driving around the land crushing things. Seeing him on t.v. upset April. Oh poooooooor baby April... then she charged into the Channel 6 newsroom and pushed Vernon out of his anchor chair on live t.v.! More proof that April O'Neil is eeeviiiillll

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