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Don't tell me that they're now making toys of those nasty Turtles.

Vernon Fenwick
Michaelangelo toys around


#66 - Plan 6 From Outer Space

With the Technodrome stuck in Dimension X, Burne is upset with the slow news coming into Channel 6. Vernon reminded him though that there's always crime in the city, which makes Burne happy.

#67 - Turtles of the Jungle

Somehow our hero got suckered into being April's cameraman in this episode. He battles against a 30 foot tall monkey by hanging onto a giant bunch of flowers. He's so courageous! Vernon ends up taking a bath in a fountain to wash the monkey smell off of his stylish clothes.

#68 - Michaelangelo Toys Around

Vernon only appeared for a few seconds, as April's cameraman (BOOOOOOO!). April noticed Michaelangelo being carried around like a giant toy, so Vernon made a witty remark about hoping the Turtles weren't being manufactured as toys.

#69 - Peking Turtle

Peking Turtle So somehow Shredder gets a whole marble statue army thing goi'n on (*shrug*) and has them kidnap April and Vernon. Our dear Vernon is a victim caught up in the Turtles' fight against the stone statues. Good thing he helped out by putting a basket on his head to protect his brain. Who knows what might have happened if he got hurt.

Come on, let's all say it... "Vernon's health comes first!"

#74 - Planet of the Turtles

While buzzing around in the city's new flying Garbage Truck/Helicopter, Krang zaps Vernon, April, and the pilot so the Garbage-copter crashes. Not a lot of air-time for Vernon in this episode.

#80 - Son of Return of the Fly

Baxter Stockman and Z, his computer friend, take over the Channel 6 building in hopes of luring the Turtles into a trap. When Z tells Baxter to go get April O'Neil, he returns with Vernon. Obviously Baxter knows which of the two is the better reporter. Once Z shows Baxter a picture of April and when he finds her, she tells him that she's too busy so he grabs Vernon again. Vernon is his best choice for the job!

#81 - Raphael Knocks 'em Dead

Raphael was on television at the House of HaHa and April mentioned that he was actually quite funny. Vernon has better tastes in jokes though and realizes Raphael wasn't that funny at all. Burne sends April and Vernon off to do a story about Gypsy Moths but April defies Burne and heads to the House of HaHa. Vernon is such a good boy! He only does stories that Mr. Thompson asks him to and doesn't cause Channel 6 any trouble.

#82 - Bebop and Rocksteady Conquer the World

Bebop & Rocksteady Conquer the World Those two goons Bebop and Rocksteady have stolen the Anxietron Ray and robbed the bank. As April was leaving the Channel 6 parking garage, Vernon reminded her that she's not going to the bank but she's going downtown to cover the filming of the new Gorganzolla movie. Score one for Vernon! She's not going to get the big scoop in this episode!

#83 - Raphael Meets His Match

April and Vernon are broadcasting from McDonald Crump's birthday party yacht when it gets taken over by Captain Filch and his mutant anemones. I think the idea of Vernon having to hang out with April on a boat was what got him sick, not the seasickness.

#85 - Leonardo Lightens Up

Leonardo lightens up Burne pulls April and Vernon away from the dog show story and instead sends them to city hall. A crazy man, G. Clef, with a pipe organ is positioned up on the roof. When he begins to play, the sound vibrating from his huge speakers start destroying things! Vernon takes off in the news van but the sound was too much for it to handle and it fell apart on him.

#86 - Wererats From Channel 6

Wererats from Channel 6 There's a rat story going on down in the sewers so Burne sends Vernon and Irma down to investigate. The Rat King catches both of them and turns them into rats! Then with his rat mind-control flute he orders his new ratty servants around. Luckily the mutagen he uses isn't very stable and they switch back to their human forms a few times. Vernon even takes out Bebop on his own! He's all man!

#87 - Funny, They Shrunk Michaelangelo

The mini sea captain, Talbot Breech, was shrinking boats out of the city's bay when Michaelangelo got shrunk too. He calls Channel 6 and talks to Vernon, who can't understand his pint-size voice. Burne sends both his reporters out to the new Navy's air craft carrier, which gets shrunk with Vernon and April on it! Mini Vernon! He's small enough to fit into your pocket!

#88 - The Biz Zip Attack

The Lofty Towers is opening and Burne wants to send April out to cover the story. Vernon objects because he should be the one to cover it's grand opening. Burne starts joking how weird it would be if something drastic happened at the grand opening, which we all know how Vernon needs to be wary of his health. Vernon was nice enough to allow April to cover the story as originally planned.

#89 - Donatello Makes Time

Stuck as the cameraman again, Vernon and April report about a new laser that can slice through anything. Professor Lloyd Cycloid zapped April and the laser's inventor with Donatello's time stopping machine and steals the super laser! Vernon didn't get zapped, but he would have made a very nice statue if he did!

#91 - Rebel Without a Fin

Short Vernon shot; April and He are covering a story about a new "high priced yuppie reservation". Vernon states that the place is tacky and he wouldn't live there even if they paid him. A Turtle-fight with Dr. Polydorious under the street causes the water to flood and the new expensive condo complex sinks right as Vernon was covering the story.

#92 - Rhino-Man

Vernon as News Man!! Faster then a speeding bulletin...
Able to do the locomotion in a single bound...

J.Gordan Hungerdunger is having a contest to find the world's best super hero and everyone's getting in on the act. The winner gets the Maliprop Diamond! Vernon even jumps in and transforms into NewsMan, the world's finest super hero reporter!

#96 - The Dimension X Story

Dimension X Story Venon finally gets the television airtime he deserves! He has his own talk show with topics like dangerous skateboarding pizza delivery boys. April is of course, very jealous, and Burne gets on her case for not getting stories and allowing the Happy Hour News show to sink into the ratings ceespool. When April tries to "scoop" Vernon on his Turtle interview, they all get sucked into Dimension X. Vernon decides to go off to find a good Di-X story at the Smashem Bashem Arena. While watching Vernon wrestle with aliens, April, Irma, and the Neutrinos get kidnapped by Shredder so Vernon and the Turtles get to go rescue them and return back to Earth.

#97 - Donatello's Degree

Burne sends April and Vernon out to investigate the large amount of fish in Bottomless Lake. Vernon head out into the waters of the lake to battle with the eeevviill fishies. Vernon is so brave!

#99 - Leonardo vs. Tempestra

Leonardo had released Tempestra from her video game prison and she was wrecking havoc with the weather. Vernon was trying to do a live weather broadcast from the Channel 6 studio but Tempestra was changing the temperature so wildly that he could not give an accurate forecast.

#101 - Raphael Drives 'em Wild

Not another great episode for Vernon, but he's in it for a few seconds.

#102 - Beyond the Donatello Nebula

The Channel 6 network was in the middle of a corporate takeover by Hirem Greltch so April was saying some not-so-nice things about him on the Happy Hour News. Greltch's henchman charged into the news room and attacked Vernon with a glue gun! Vernon was covered in white, sticky paste and he couldn't get free :( The alien lizard Algae took the glue off of Vernon though.

#103 - The Big Bug Blunder

Krang and Shredder made a bug mutagen and used it on some of the insects around the city. A giant wasp was covering the Channel 6 building with mud until the Turtles showed up and scared it off. Of course those sexist Turtles rescued April out of the building first. Vernon let them know that he should of been the first one!

#104 - The Foot Soldiers are Revolting

The Foot Soldiers are 
Revolting Shredder and Krang's super Foot Soldier takes over the Channel 6 building and zaps the news gang into a holding room inside the Technodrome! Poor Vernon was one of the first people to get sucked into the room. It's not Vernon's fault that Mr. Thompson got his big fat ass suck up on the ceiling after Vernon pushed the red button. Krang knew that the Earth couldn't do with out it's hero so he sent Vernon (and the others) back through the Dimensional Portal.

#105 - Unidentified Flying Leonardo

Leonardo and April travels to the country to investigate reports of giant vegetables. The other Turtles follow him but they don't know which town he went to. Raphael calls our Hero and tries to squeeze out of him where April is visiting, but Vernon knows better. He can't just tell anyone where she went. That's confidential news information! Burne on the other hand, has no problems telling Raphael where she is. Burne is such a wimp.

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