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Vernon Fenwick
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#106 - The Turtles and the Hare

The Turtles and the Hare Channel 6 was having an Easter Egg hunt and the guy who April hired to be the Easter Bunny never showed up. She was frantically trying to find a replacement, but Burne told her "no". April then tries to convince our Vernon to dress up as a giant rabbit! No way! So she pushed him down the stairs on a cart! Poor Vernon... later on in the episode he battled against Bebop and Rocksteady, who were dressed up in bunny costumes. They couldn't fool Vernon though!

#107 - Once Upon a Time Machine

Another sad "I'm the poor cameraman" shot of Vernon, lasting only a few seconds. The odd thing is at the beginning of the episode, April had a regular cameraman. At the end, she had Vernon! What happened to the original cameraman? SHE ATE HIM!! That's the only explanation for it!

#108 - My Brother the Bad Guy

Short Vernon appearance. He's broadcasting his world famous 6 O'clock news on the Turtle's television.

#110 - Enter Mutagen Man

Enter Mutagen Man Double Vernon episode! Mutagen Man needed to get into Channel 6 so he transformed his body into our sexy Vernon. What a good choice of a body! I think having 2 Vernons on screen is a lot better then having just one Vernon. Or a Vernon/April combo. Yuck!

#112 - Michaelangelo Meets Bugman Again

At first he's stuck as being April's cameraman again. Later he's hanging out with Burne and Irma, watching the metal-eating termites get closer and closer to the Channel 6 building. Vernon leaves quickly to dispatch of the termites! No need for Bugman! Vernon's here!

#115 - Raphael vs the Volcano

Raphael vs the Volcano Vernon gets assigned an exciting and dangerous story about the Pappalua Volcano erupting and April is soooo jealous! She gets stuck with a "boring" flower story. Even Burne Thompson recognizes Vernon as the superior reporter. Unfortunately the volcano doesn't like Vernon and neither does the coconut tree that attacks him after he tries to hide... er... protect himself from the volcanic rocks. He eventually gets an exclusive story with Professor Willy Vanilly.

#116 - Landlord of the Flies

While April reports on the garbage strike, Vernon gets trapped reporting from the Sanitation department, where mounds of garbage are stacked up and flies are everywhere. Vernon is courteous enough to let April and her prissy hair-do get the clean story while he takes on the dirty stuff. He also unmasks Baxter Stockman as being the ruler of all the troublesome flies!

#117 - Donatello's Duplicate

Again, poor Vernon is April's cameraman again... he's probably there for about 30 seconds complaining how evil the Turtles are.

#118 - The Ice Creature Cometh

The Ice Creature Cometh Vernon, Irma, and April get stuck inside the Channel 6 building when an Ice Monster blows into the windows of Channel 6 and freezes the building in ice and snow. All 3 of them slide out of control and get trapped in a snow bank while icicles hang dangerously above their heads! Vernon tries to comfort the girls while April calls the Turtles on the Turtlecom. I betcha Vernon could of gotten the girls out because he's such a hottie and the snow would have melted away!

#119 - Leonardo Cuts Loose

Wally Airhead, the artificial muscle head, wanted to take over the city and one of his thugs forced Vernon to air his ransom tape! Don't worry folks, Vernon made it out without any scratches.

#120 - Pirate Radio

Vernon had just finished his story about the Amazonian Piranha and Irma was rude enough to walk into the camera view dancing! She interrupted his story! Irma did appologize to Vernon about her dancing.

#123 - Leonardo the Renaissance Turtle

Vernon gets a news scoop over April! He gets to report to everyone that she's become a criminal, which she has. She crossed the street against a "do not walk" sign! So did Leonardo. Not much of a role model, is that Turtle?

#124 - Welcome Back, Polarisoids

Burne was complaining that everyone is claiming to have seen a flying car. Vernon runs into the office with proof of the flying car! Burne decides to have Vernon cover the story about the alien invasion. Unfortunately he also pairs him up with April O'Neil. We all know that she's going to take over his news report, just like she does in every other episode.

#125 - Michaelangelo, the Sacred Turtle

While the Turtles wonder where Michaelangelo went, Vernon appears on the television and reports that April O'Neil has disappeared. Don't worry folks, he'll be taken over the Channel 6 newscast in her place! April reappears later in the episode though... drat...

#126 - Planet of the Turtloids

Planet of the Turtloids, part 1 That evil April upset Vernon so much that he had to go drown his sorrows with a root beer float. Men who drink root beer are very masculine. I'm personally font of root beer. Mmmm... it's so nummy! Later on he tried to politely explain he saw another Turtle but April and Irma made fun of him. They're such little meanies!

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