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Do you mean to tell me you took a tape of a top secret invention and broadcasted it all over town?!
Well... I only aired a minute of it...

April O'Neil and Vernon Fenwick
Attack of the Neutrinos


#128 - Rock Around the Block

Rock Around the Block April was complaining how boring the evening was when Vernon suggested she try his anti-stress techniques. He proceeded to show his relaxation tape, Transendental Procrastination. Vernon was showing her how to use the videotape correctly when Burne came in shouting about "rocks gone wacko" in Central Park. Guess April doesn't get the chance to watch the T.P. master at work. Later on she brings Traag's rock monster back to Channel 6 so as to disturb Vernon's videotape watching.

#129 - Krangenstein Lives

Burne assigns April to investigate the giant robot trashing the city. Being the sly one he is, Vernon decides to "scoop" her on the story that should have rightfully been his to begin with! Instead of finding the run-away robotic android of Krang's, he heads to city hall and thwarts Shredder's plan to blow it up!

#130 - Super Irma

Super Irma Channel 6 is having a Halloween costume party and Vernon switches out his sexy pink shirt and purple tie for a punk-rocker costume. He still looks very stylish! Vernon even awarded Burne as the winner of the costume contest for his Teenage Mutant Ninja Aardvark costume. He even gave Super Irma some donuts and hot chocolate so that she could keep up with her crime fighting without getting hungry. Did April give Irma anything? Noooooooooo

#133 - Return of the Turtloid

As Vernon leaves the Channel 6 building he spots 5 Turtles walking into the building; the Turtles plus Kerma. A few moments later Big Louie and his goons try to run Vernon off the road with their car and then politely ask him where the Turtles are. Vernon has no problem telling Louie that they're at the Channel 6 building.

#134 - Shreeka's Revenge

Shreeka's Revenge Channel 6 is moving into a new building and according to the floor plan Vernon's office is smaller then April's! What's up with that!? Vernon took the initiative and changed the plan so that he gets April's office and she gets his smaller one. Then Irma put April's birthday cake right in Vernon's way so he tripped and fell on top of it. At least the cake looked good on his head.

#135 - Too Hot to Handle

Vernon's nephew, Foster, is spending the weekend with him while Foster attends the Junior High Science Fair. Vernon is very proud of his nephew because he's a genius, just like Vernon is. Foster's Solar Magnet invention was going to win 1st prize at the science fair, but Donatello went psycho and took it apart! Luckily Foster put it back together after the Turtles took Donatello away. Then Professor Philo Sopho stole his invention! Donatello, Vernon, and Foster had to team up to save the world.

#136 - Nightmare in the Lair

Milton Frobish III, the son of the owner of Channel 6, comes to work with the news team and Vernon helps him to feel right at home. Burne even had Milton take over April's new cast! Irma tried to do one up on Vernon by baking Milton a chocolate cake, but it turns out Milton is allergic to chocolate and breaks out in spots. April got his leg broken by having him climb a tall latter, which he fell off of when Vernon tried to save him. Then Vernon tried to help him with some videotapes but Milton fell down a flight of stairs and broke his other leg. Burne blamed it all on April. Joy!

#138 - Donatello Trashes Slash

Donatello Trashes Slash Our hero does his best to report a story about the new turtle sanctuary at the zoo, but ends up upsetting Donatello with his editorial comments. That Turtle is such a soft-shell. Slash eventually takes over the Channel 6 building and Burne sends Vernon out to get an interview with Slash, but Slash uses his Animalizer ray on them and turns them into turtles! Donatello realizes it's to his benefit to save Vernon and Burne so he tricks Slash into turning them back into humans.

#140 - Snakes Alive!

Snakes Alive! April drags Vernon on one of her wild-scoop chases when he wanted to go home. The two of them spot Pinky McFingers stealing scuba gear, so they follow Pinky to the old botanical garden. Then run into Leonardo, who was fleeing from the snakes inside the garden. April wanted to go inside the garden to find the other 3 Turtles, but Vernon argued that if 4 Turtles couldn't get in there, then 2 humans and 1 Turtle didn't have much of a chance. Leonardo happily agreed with Vernon!

#141 - Polly Wanna Pizza

Mugsy McGuffin was being released from prison so Burne sent April out to interview him (because she's a woman, how sexist!). Vernon overheard their conversation and decides to try to scoop April on her story. When April right-out asked him where he hid the Galooby Ruby, Mugsy became upset so by the time Vernon asked him for a picture he was mad enough to throw Vernon into the garbage! Way to go April...

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