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He can't talk that way about our species! I'm going down to Channel 6 and give that Vernon a piece of my green mind!

Donatello Trashes Slash


#144 - Tower of Power

Tower of Power The news gang is in Paris, France, to cover the Bastille Day festival when Burne calls up April and decides that Vernon should be the one reporting the story instead of April. She starts to pout again after Vernon tells her that she'll be covering restaurants instead. Then when Shredder magnetizes the Eiffel Tower, Vernon and Irma get stuck half way up the outside of the tower when Vernon's microphone becomes attracted to the metal frame.

#148 - Artless

Now they're all in Florence, Italy. April had Vernon as her cameraman when the alien art critics stole it! Vernon watched Leonardo Da Vinci's "Last Supper" as it vaporized into thin air!

#149 - Ring of Fire

The Channel 6 gang are covering a story about McDonald Crump's new resort in Lisbon, Portugal. Shredder and his goons show up and dump a truckload of sand on top of Vernon's head! While April and Irma wander off to find Shredder, Vernon continues to be a good reporter and goes to the bull fighting ring to get some video footage. Unfortunately Shredder is there too, so Vernon and the Turtles had to fight off a raging bull!

#152 - The Lost Queen of Atlantis

Irma, April, and Vernon are shopping through a flea market in Athens, which totally bores Vernon. April gets some "cheap" necklace, in Vernon's opinion, so she gets all snobby and tells him to go back to the hotel. Turns out her necklace is some sort of imprisoned Queen who takes over her mind. She has Vernon and Irma kidnapped! They all took off on flying horses to the cliffs of Athens to resurrect Atlantis! Vernon was going to be used as a human sacrifice but the giant squid in Atlantis scared the guards away.

#153 - Turtles on the Orient Express

Yummy nekkid Vernon! The gang take a trip onto the Orient Express train ride. Shredder, Bebop, and Rocksteady knock out the conductor and engineer and take over the train! The Turtles had to stow away on the Orient Express and try to fight against Bebop and Rocksteady, but the cramped train car hallways made for a difficult battle. Vernon, emerging from the shower, gets caught up in their struggle. TOPLESS VERNON! OH YUMMY YUMMY! *drool*...

#158 - The Starchild

April was whining about the slow news day so Vernon reminded her that a good news reporter can find a story just by looking out the window. That's when Vernon sees the Starchild's spaceship flying by. Somehow April ended up getting the story anyway.

#160 - Convicts From Dimension X

Convicts from Dimension X Vernon gets partnered with Irma to find a good news story when the two of them get transported to a prison in Dimension X. In Vernon and Irma's place, two of the prisoners get transported to Earth. Skaarg and Dementor run around Earth while Vernon and Irma are stuck in a Di-X prison cell. The prison guards don't have half a clue and never realize that our handsome hero isn't one of the convicts. The Turtles boot the convicts off of Earth and our two reporter friends come crashing back from Dimension X.

#161 - White Belt, Black Heart

The Black Heart gang is running around the city stealing stuff and also kidnaps April to help them. Vernon catches April driving the getaway van and reports it on the news! Tuns out Yoku Mogo, the leader of the gang, was an undercover agent trying to find out who the boss of the gang was. I guess April wasn't a bad guy after all, damn...

#162 - Night of the Rouges

Somehow Shredder gets Leatherhead, Anthrax, Tempestra, Rat King, Scumbug, Slash, and Chromdome together and they take over the Channel 6 building. Leatherhead proceeds to make Vernon his personal pet! He named Vernon "Old Blue"! The bad guys got away but Vernon was left behind still wearing his chains.

#163 - Attack of the Neutrinos

Now Shredder's the one who recognizes Vernon as the superior news reporter. He takes Vernon down to the Technodrome where Bebop and Rocksteady get the privilege of being videotaped.

#164 - Escape From the Planet of the Turtloids

Vernon in 
Escape From the Planet of the Turtloids The Turtles wanted to talk with Kerma and they wanted to "borrow" Vernon's birthday present; a telescope. Vernon wouldn't let them though, because it was given to him by his best friend; himself. Somehow a robotic force eventually invaded Channel 6 so Burne sent Vernon out to interview them. Notice April is his cameraman. It's about damn time!

#165 - Revenge of the Fly

Revenge of the Fly Baxter Stockman and Z are free from their dimensional prison again thanks to Krang. In normal Baxter/Z style, they head to Channel 6 again with a new insect mutation gut and turn Vernon into a spider! This time it was Vernon who saved the day (naturally) by spinning a web to catch Baxter.

#167 - Dirk Savage: Mutant Hunter

A short Vernon episode. He was promoting the I Hate Mutant wristbands.

#168 - Invasion of the Krangazoids

Invasion of the 
Krangazoids When Bebop and Rocksteady broke into the Channel 6 news van to attach a teleporter to April's camera, Vernon caught them in the act. He bravely battled against the two villains, who were trying to pass as inspectors from a candy vending machine organization. Later on he's at the very last part of the episode, reporting the news on television. The Turtles should feel honored that they got the chance to watch his broadcast.

#169 - Combat Land

Vernon in Combat Land Vernon, April, and Irma are reporting a story on the new amusement park, Combat Land. Vernon isn't very excited about the theme park, mainly because all the robots are programmed to fight with the park guests. We all know that if Vernon had to fight those robots then they'd all be destroyed within 5 minutes. It's a good thing that he didn't try to fight any of them.

#170 - Shredder Triumphant!

Bebop and Rocksteady take over the Channel 6 building after Krang takes over the world. Poor Vernon is forced to be on the "Bebop and Rocksteady Show". Those pesky Turtles stopped them though and Vernon got to stand guard over the tied up bad guys. He was so brave!

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