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Vernon Fenwick
Peking turtle


#171 - Get Shredder!

Get Shredder! Shredder planted a very large bomb in the Channel 6 building and locked everyone inside! He told the Turtles that he'll defuse the bomb if they bring Krang to him, who had been kidnapped by Bezerko. When the Turtles returned Krang to Shredder he still blew up Channel 6! Luckily Splinter had entered Channel 6 minutes before and saved Burne, Vernon, April, and Irma from being blown up. April was glad to be safe, but Burne was irate because it was the Turtles' fault that his news studio blew up.

#172 - Wrath of the Rat King

Since Burne was upset with the Turtles getting the Channel 6 building blown up, he was making Vernon report bad things about them. He reported several times in the episode about how evil the Ninja Turtles are. He never comes in contact with them and stays in the safe newsroom.

#173 - State of Shock

He only appeared for a few seconds, broadcasting about the "criminal" Turtles.

#175 - H.A.V.O.C. in the Streets

HAVOC in the Streets The H.A.V.O.C. created mutant, Synapse, charges (literaly) into the new Channel 6 studio. Synapse proceeds to possess the elecrical equipment and use them to attack the humans in the room. Burne and Veron seek shelter under a table until the Turtles show up and destroy more of Burne's television equipment.

Alas, #175 is the last episode that Vernon appears in. The Turtle show continues on until 1996, but without Vernon. I guess the writers decided to pull Vernon out before he became popular else it would of transformed into the Transendental Procrastination NewsMan Vernon cartoon.


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