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Muffy Events

Muffy is a lonely young woman who has just about given up on the hope of ever getting married. But then she meets a certain farmer, and, well, things might just turn around for her...

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A Visit. (1 heart in diary) After you've noticed one red heart in Muffy's diary, go into your house and exit right away, between 11 am and 1pm. Takakura will come up and talk to you, saying that he has something to tell you about shipping. Well, just as he's about to talk, you suddenly hear your dog bark, and Muffy lets out a startled yelp! The dog has cornered her near the barn, so you automatically run up to her and shoo the dog off. You and Muffy talk for a moment, then Muffy sees Takakura over by your house. He wordlessly walks away. Muffy then gets a worried look and apologizes for making him angry.

Tell her that he is not really angry (option 1) and she'll cheer up right away. Then ask her if she's okay (option 1) and she'll assure you that she's fine and likes animals (yeah, right...) Then Muffy will leave, after getting permisison from you to return whenever she likes to take a look around the place.

Clumsy, Clumsy Clumsy! (2 hearts in diary) Enter the bar between 11 am and 11 pm, and Muffy will come out before you, angry at herself for breaking a dish. Listen to her story (Option 1) and you'll raise your friendship level with her. She'll thank you for hearing her out and then suggest that you enter the bar together.

A Friend's Wedding (3 hearts in diary) Exit your house in the afternoon between 11 am and 11 pm on a sunny day, and you'll meet up with Muffy walking around on the road. She has just come back from the wedding of a friend in the city. Her old friends who attended the wedding thought it was funny how Muffy is now working as a barmaid in the valley, so she's a bit upset about that. She'll ask you where you think she belongs. Tell her that she belongs in Forget-Me-Not Valley (option 2) and she'll be happy.

Stalker?! (4 hearts in diary) Try to go to bed between 6 pm and 11 pm and you'll get this event. Muffy will come to your house, asking if she can stay for a little while, since she thinks someone's stalking her! Tell her she can stay (option 1.) Soon, someone else will come and knock on your door, and it turns out this whole thing was a misunderstanding... The person who was "stalking" her was really just Griffin! Relieved, Muffy will decide to return to the bar.

Afternoon Date (5 hearts in diary) Enter the bar between 1 pm and 10 pm. Muffy will ask you to go to the back room with her. Once there, she'll comment on how bored she is, since no one has come to the bar today... You can take this opprotunity to ask her out on a date! (option 1) Muffy will be enthralled and agree to it right away. Once you two return, Muffy will tell you that she had a wonderful time and that you'd better ask her out again sometime, hehe. muffy

Proposal (version 1) (4 hearts in diary and the Blue Feather) Offer the Blue Feather to Muffy. If you have not yet gotten the "Afternoon Date" scene, you'll have to tell her that you're giving it to her (option 1.) If you have already seen that scene, then Muffy will automatically take it without giving you the chance to say anything. You'll be transported to the back room of the bar, will Muffy will tell you how happy she is and then drag you out of the room for some reason... Once you're gone, she will take the feather out of her pocket, look at it, and then sigh happily, glad to see that someone does indeed love her enough to want to marry her! On the first day of Parrot of the second year, you two will be married. muffy

Proposal (version 2) (4 hearts in diary and the Blue Feather) If you have not given the Blue Feather to her by the end of chapter 1, then you'll get this event. Muffy comes into your house while you're asleep and finds the Blue Feather! She greets you when you get up. After commenting on how cute you look when you're startled, Muffy will then pull the Blue Feather out of her pocket and ask you why you have it. She really wants it, but is afraid that you might not let her have it. When you get the chance, propose to her (option 1.) Muffy will, of course, keep the feather and then run off to tell Griffin right away! You will follow her, and the regular wedding scene will follow. muffy

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