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Celia's Child

Genetic Strengths
MusicBelow average
ArtAbove average
ExerciseBelow average
Learning/scienceBelow average

Apparently, Celia's child would make a great farmer! His strengths are in animals and plants, thanks to both yours and Celia's influence, I suppose. None of his strenghts are terribly low, so influencing him to be what you like shouldn't be too hard.

AnimalsAbove average
MusicBelow average
ExerciseBelow average

His two main interests coordinate with his strengths: plants and animals (despite the fact he's terrified of animals at first.) He has little interest in anything else, so it'll take quite a bit of work to get him to be anything else.

Stages of Life

Note: Your child's personality will differ according to how you've raised him, meaning that your child will not necessarily turn out as listed here. This data is based off of Akie's own experience in the game.

Toddler Stage (chapter 2)

stage 1

He's just as much of a handful as Muffy's child... almost. He doesn't have that devilish, mischievous side to him. But he enjoys going out and running around the farm all day.

As could be expected, he loves plants. Celia's determined to have him take over the farm one day, so she must be trying to teach him everything about plants. However... he's scared to death of animals. He's even frightened of ducks! He needs a bit of help in that regard.

Boyhood Stage (chapter 3)

stage 2

He's still a very well-behaved child. Takakura seems to think he takes very heavily after Celia. However, the child himself seems to think otherwise, sad that he can't really live up to being the "good child" that everyone seems to think he is...

He loves animals. I don't know when the change happened, but they no longer terrify him. He seems to know a lot about them, too.

He often asks me if running the farm is fun, and... whether or not Wally could outrun me? Strange kid, I thought he didn't have an interest in exercise... He also makes some of the strangest, most random comments, like, "I wish I had a sister like Nami!" or "Do you think Kassey likes Muffy?" (That is a very scary thought!)

He likes apples, eggs, milk, and horse-shaped figurines from the ruins.

Teenage Stage (chapter 4)

stage 3

To be honest, I don't know much about him yet: I just got to chapter 4. But he smiles a LOT more than the other two did. He seems much more cheerful and happy. I guess that's a good sign...

While he still likes animals, he has decided that taking care of them is just too much work (and spends all day telling me that, too. That's about all he'll say to me.) Celia and Carter both seem to think that he's going to become a scholar someday (though I'm sure that Celia is still hoping that he'll change his mind and become a farmer.) But I want him to become a musician. Well, only time will tell...

He really likes apples.

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