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Your child's looks and personality will be different depending on whom you marry. While I'm keeping the description of each child in his own page, there is some basic information about them that applies to all three children.

The Toddler Stage (chapter 2)

Toys: You start off with just a coloring book, but can also buy a ball, blocks, and a toy car from Van. They're not that expensive; they're under 500G each.

Interaction: Often, when you talk to your child, he'll ask you to pick him up. Do so with the Y button. Once you're holding him, there are 4 things you can do:

Talk: A button. He'll tell you want he wants you to do, or... he'll let you know how he's feeling in interesting little ways. (Like, how exactly would you pronounce what Nami's child is saying in the screen to the left?)
Pat on back: X button. He generally doesn't ask for this often, but doesn't seem to mind it if you do it anyway.
Toss: Press up on the Control Stick to toss the child into the air a bit. Muffy's child loves this one most of all.
Snuggle: Press the Y button. Nami's child loves this one most of all.

In addition to playing with him, you can also give him a bath on certain days. These days vary each month. To see if you can bathe him, just enter the kitchen at a time when he's there (around 6PM seems to be the best time.)

The toddler stage is the only stage in his life in which you can pick him up and take him places, so take advantage of that to develop his interests! His interests may change in later chapters depending on where you take him as a toddler.

Genetic Strengths and Interests: Depending on who you married, your child has a set number of strengths and interests. The first set (strengths) is purely genetical; it's simply what he's naturally good at. The second set (interests) are simply what he likes. Though at first your child has a default number of interests, these are the things you can actually influence. Your actions, what friends you make and where you take him can and will change his interests.

To develop his interests in...

» Keep him around the farm most of the time
» Keep your animals out in the pasture as much as possible
» Show your child animals
» Snuggle your animals
» Use the Milking Room
» Milk your cows/goat by hand as opposed to using the Milker

» Take him to Vesta's farm
» Buy and use Fertilizer
» Show your son seeds, crops and trees
» Grow things as much as possible

» Take him to Gustafa's hut and the mansion
» Become friends with Gustafa

» Take him to Cody's house
» Become friends with Cody
» Have him play with the coloring book

» Take him to Wally's house
» Become friends with Wally and Hugh
» Walk as much as possible, try not to use your horse
» Have him play with the ball

» Take him to Daryl's lab and Carter's dig site
» Become friends with Daryl
» Milk your cows/goat using the Milkers as opposed to milking them by hand
» Have him play with the car toy

The Kid Stage (chapter 3)


In chapter 3, your child gets his own bedroom, and looking at the things that are in his room can help you tell what his interests are and who he is friends with.

Musical instrument: interest in music
Potted plant: interest in plants
Sandbag: interest in exercise
Skeleton/Fossils: interest in science (learning)
Painting: interest in art and friends with Gustafa
Dead branch/Wooden box: he's a little mischievous
Empty sake bottle: He's a little mischievous, but will listen to what you say
Empty flask: A little mischievous, but he also has an interest in science (learning)
Weights: interest in exercise
Bookshelves: interest in learning
2nd painting: interest in art, good friends with Gustafa
2nd chest: an obedient child
Fireworks: friends with Kassey and Patrick
Metal sheets: friends with Cody
Statuette: friends with Tim and Ruby

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