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Ushi No Tane
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Music Notes 21 to 40

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Note 21 - Snow
Just like Notes 09 and 10. Stand outside in the snow for at least 10 hours. (located by Lord Shitzu)

Note 22 - Fodder
When you grow grass in your animal pasture you can harvest it with your sickle. Harvest 20 pieces of fodder to get this Note. The fodder will automatically transfer to the holding bin in your animal barn.

Note 23 - Brushing
Buy the Brush from Hans and use it on your cows, sheep, and horses. It only takes 20 brushings to earn the Note.

Note 24 - Egg
Ship 10 eggs. Converting an egg into mayonnaise does not count towards earning the Note.

Note 25 - Milking
Ship 10 bottles of milk. Cheese and butter do not count.

Note 26 - Shearing
Ship 10 balls of wool. Changing the wool into yarn will not count for the amount shipped. Since a sheep only produces wool every 7 days it will take you a few seasons to collect this Note. You could always buy another sheep to make the Note appear sooner.

Note 27 - Dyeing
You have the opportunity to dye the yarn you produce from your sheep's wool. You can buy the Dye Pot at the Junk Shop for 500 G.

Once you receive the urn from Michael you'll have to place it in your kitchen. From there you'll need to collect herbs and flowers to use as dying agents. When you are ready to dye, place a yarn and the 1 dye item into the urn. The listed results will appear as "!!!!!!!!". When you combine your first yarn with a dye ingredient you'll earn the Note. Different herbs and flowers result in different colored yarn. Green Herbs make green yarn, Bluemist Flowers make blue yarn, and so on.

The other option is to wait for Lyla to move her "Hearty Lyla" shop into town. She sells colored wool that you can buy and ship, but they are expensive.

Note 28 - Gem
The Lake Cave is full of jewels for you to ship but you can also find some inside of the Moonlight Cave. Past floor 40 in the Moonlight Cave you can sometimes find the same jewels that appear in the Lake Cave. Shipping one of the Jewels will make a Note appear.

Note 29 - Calling Animals
When you use the Bell (from Hank) in your barn, the animals will gather together and go outside. To bring them back inside you just do the same thing when standing by the barn door. If you use the Bell 20 times you will receive this Note. If you wanted to, you could just stand inside your house and ding-a-ling away twenty times.

Note 30 - Cultivation
Till up 100 1x1 squares of land using your Hoe to earn this Note. One bag of seeds can cover a 3x3 square of land so it won't take you very long to fulfill the requirements.

Note 31 - Big Eater
To regain your Stamina you can eat things you pick up on the ground. Pick something up and then press the X button to eat it. If you eat 50 things you'll get a Note.

Note 32 - Woodcutter
Chop up 20 logs with your Axe. The lumber that is produced will instantly transport to the wood bin behind your house.

Note 33 - Clouds
Just like the other weather Notes, stand outside for at least 10 hours straight.

Note 34 - Garbage Can
Scattered around the Village you'll find garbage cans. There's also one next to your house. You can put anything disposable into the can to throw it away. When you put 20 things onto the garbage can this Note will appear.

Note 35 - Weed
There will be weeds all over the town. You can let them sit there or you can pull them up. The residents don't appear to mind all of the stray plants but you'll trip over them as you run by. If you pluck 100 weeds you will earn this Note.

Note 36 - Gardening
Liz and Nina's shop sells flower seeds for you to grow. If you grow 5 flowers this Note appears. You can do this just by planting one bag of flower seeds (which makes 9 flowers) or you can buy the random seeds Liz sells and hope one of them is a flower.

Note 37 - Forest
Liz also sells tree saplings to grow. She sells mora, orange, grape, apple, chestnut, and evergreen trees. The Mora-type of trees don't produce anything to sell among its branches, but you have a chance to find Truffles under its shade during the Fall. You'll earn a Note the first time you plant a tree.

Note 38 - Destruction
Take your Hammer and smash 20 rocks. That's all you have to do.

Note 39 - Diary
Another easy Note. The only thing you need to do is save your game 30 times.

Note 40 - Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
Win the Chicken festival that takes place Winter 7. You need a bird with eight or more hearts.

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