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Music Notes 41 to 60

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Note 41 - Moo
Win the Cow festival on Spring 28.

Note 42 - Baa
Win the Sheep festival on Summer 29. You can only enter sheep that have all of its wool. Shaved sheep are not permitted to enter into the contest.

Note 43 - Horse Race
Enter your adult horses in the Spring 17 or Fall 17 horse race. Depending on how many hearts your horse has it will be entered into one of four different races:

D = Short course, 0 - 2 hearts
C = Short course, 3 - 5 hearts
B = Long course, 6 - 8 hearts
A = Long course, 9 - 10 hearts

Winners of the B-rank race also win a Power Berry.

Note 44 - Bow-Wow
Ellen will come by the 1st day on your new farm and deliver a dog. When you have earned 3 hearts you will also earn this Note.

Note 45 - Oink Oink
After you build your animal barn, go inside of it to trigger and event between Gourmet and a pig. The pig becomes your pet and is suppose to help you find Truffles that are hidden in the ground. I never had any success with the pig's location snout, but you can find Truffles without the pig's help. You need to ship a Truffle to acquire this Note.

Note 46 - Fire Prevention
You will receive a box of matches at the beginning of the game. To make a fire you have to equip the box and then press the Y button. The fire will burn for quite some time, so you can cook fish and chestnuts on it. If you leave the fire alone it will burn itself out, or you can use your watering can to douse the flame. You will receive a Note for putting out your fire.

Note 47 - Lost Child
The event will trigger one night after Meryl and Tim are 2 hearts or higher. When you go into your house for the evening there will be a knock on the door. Theodore explains the children have gone missing and everyone is out looking for them. A cut scene will play (you don't need to do any interaction) and you will rescue the kids and return them to their guardians. You will then be rewarded with the Note.


Note 48 - Mole-Whacking
One of the wild animals in town is the mole, who pops up from the ground and wanders about. You will usually hear the mole before you see it. The sound the mole makes is the same one that you hear when you're taking something out of your rucksack. If you're running through town and you hear the "wump wump" noise, you are close to where the mole is hiding. To get this Note you need to hit the mole on it's head with one of your tools 10 times. When you hit the mole it will screech away, but it always reappears later. One of your summary screens will tell you how many times you've been able to smack him. The mole likes to pop up east to Woody's house, behind Alex's clinic, and north of Theodore's house.

Note 49 - Bluebird
When you have raised your potential spouse up to 8 hearts, you own a wide bed, and you have at least 30 Notes, Theodore will stop by one morning and say he saw a blue bird on top of the mountain. You will then have to climb up the mountain (mini game) to collect a blue colored feather. Once you have the feather you'll also be given a Note. To propose to someone just give him/her the feather.

Note 50 - Wedding Day
When the guy or girl you're after has 8 hearts or higher, you can give the Blue Feather to propose marriage. The person will take the feather and the two of you will be married the next day. (located by KyleDove)

Note 51 - Stork
Approximately 20 days after you married, the female will wake up very sick. A trip to Alex's clinic reveals that the two of you are going to be parents soon.

Note 52 - Baby Is Born
After another 60 days has past since you received Note 51, the baby will be born. Woody will come visit you at the clinic and give you a baby crib that you can place anywhere in your house. Your child will stay in the crib all day, but you can pick him up and carry him around the village.

Note 53 - You Can Walk
About a month after the baby is born he will be out of bed and crawling around. If you continue to be nice to him every day and eventually you will reach 3 hearts on his friendship meter. One morning your spouse will be in a panic and the two of you will appear at Alex's clinic. Martha will be there and tells you everything is alright. At that point your baby takes his first step and you'll receive this Note.

Note 54 - Spring Footsteps
The New Years Day festival on Spring 1. You won't be able to participate on your first year (because you start on day 2 of Spring) but the next year you can join in.

Note 55 - Egg Dish
Egg Festival on Spring 8. You're suppose to put an egg in the blue ship box on the 7th in order to participate, but even if you didn't you will still receive this Note for the festival. Possible glitch?

Note 56 - Spring Fragrance
The Flower Festival is on Spring 23. Place a flower in the blue ship box at the Square on Spring 22. If you do so then you can join in the festival the next day. Lyla also makes her appearance at the festival.

Note 57 - Blue Sea, White Clouds
Beach festival on Summer 03. Meet the villagers at the western beach. You will have to play the swimming party game. If you win you'll receive a Power Berry for a prize.

Note 58 - Boat Sailing
This is a date festival. The person with the highest affection will come by the morning of Summer 7 and ask if you would like to go with him or her. If you accept, meet the person in the Square. The two of you will send a little bamboo boat down the river.

Note 59 - Firefly Flower
You will need to drop a Moonstone in the blue ship box located in the Square on the 14th of Summer. On the 15th go to the western beach to watch the little candle boats float out to sea.

Note 60 - Fireworks
The western beach is where this one is located. Visit the beach at night to watch the fireworks.

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