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Ushi No Tane
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Music Notes 81 to 100

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Note 81 - Explosive Girl
Ann's 2-heart gift is a block of Clay.

Note 82 - Apron Girl
Ellen stops by this time and gives you Char Sashimi.

Note 83 - Talented Girl
In the morning Maria will give you Pickled Cabbage.

Note 84 - Night Moon
Eve's Note comes from the Very Berry Sake she gives you.

Note 85 - Girl With Glasses
In the morning Gina will stop by and give you a Milkshake.

Note 86 - Princess
Getting Dia up to 2 hearts will net you a Blueberry.

Note 87 - Waitress
Katie will visit and give you Yogurt.

Note 88 - Ponytail
The blond Gwen will deliver a Cheese Omelet.

Note 89 - Heartfelt
Lyla will be by to drop off a piece of Wool. It doesn't matter if she's moved in or not. You can see her on good-weather weekends if you've triggered the Flower Festival.

Note 90 - Cowboy
Getting Blue to 2 hearts will get you a container of Good Milk.

Note 91 - Social Craftsman
Joe will come by and give you a Dace.

Note 92 - Cool Craftsman
This is from Kurt, who stops by to give you a Red Herb.

Note 93 - Doctor
Alex comes by and drops off a Purple Herb.

Note 94 - Patissier
Pudding from Carl, most likely made at his Cafe.

Note 95 - Master Pick-Up Artist
Dan will come by, twirl around, and give you some Apple Sake.

Note 96 - Fisherman
An Amago fish gift from Ray.

Note 97 - Traveler
Basil will visit and give you a piece of Limestone he found in the cave. During the Winter season he might not be in the area so this event won't happen. He always returns when Spring arrives.

Note 98 - Male
This Note comes from Louis who drops of a Silver Ore. Just like with Lyla, he doesn't have to be living in town for this to occur.

Note 99 - Shy Guy
The last bachelor Note comes from Bob, who will stop by and give you an Egg.

Note 100 - Meek Heart
To capture this Note you'll need to collect the other 99, then visit the Goddess' Pond.

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