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Ushi No Tane
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Animals and Wildlife

In this game there are 4 animals that you can take care of on your farm. There are also a few miscellaneous creatures out there in the world of Harvest Moon.


Cost: 5000 G each
Profit: 150 G for Small Milk, 250 G for Medium Milk, 350 G for Large Milk
Care: Your Cow will eat two different items. One is Fodder that you cut from the Grass in your fields (least expensive). The other is store bought Cow Feed, but that can run pretty pricey at 700 Gold per 10 Meals.

To pamper your cow you simply need to Brush, Feed, and Milk your cow every day. Only mature Cows can be milked. The more love you give your cow, the happier they will be and the better quality milk they will give you. On Sunny days (not when raining or snowing) put your Cows outside. Make sure you have big field of Grass with a fence around it (using Wood or Rocks). The field of Grass also needs to be fully grown.


Cost: 1000 G each
Profit: 50 G per Egg
Care: Your Chicken will eat two different items. One is Fodder that you cut from the Grass in your fields (least expensive). The other is store bought Chicken Feed, but that can run pretty pricey at 500 Gold per 10 Meals.

Make sure to feed your Chickens every day. If you miss a day your Chicken will stop laying eggs for 3 days until you get it back on schedule. It is best to buy your first Chicken, and then place the Chicken's eggs in the Incubator. It will take 6 days for the Chick to hatch from its egg. From there it will take another week before it is fully grown and laying eggs.


Cost: Free
Profit: None
Care: Make sure to bring your Dog in on Rainy/Snowy Days, but leave him out on Sunny or Clear Nights. Ellen will bring you your Dog named Koro on the second day in the morning. You are given the choice to rename the dog. The dog is used to scare the moles that pop out of the ground and to keep stray dogs from ruining your fence during the night.


Cost: Free
Profit: None
Care: Be sure to talk to and Brush your Horse every day. You don't have to worry about feeding your Horse. Once your Horse matures you will be able to buy a Saddle Bag. Then you can get on him and ride around the farm in style. The Saddle Bag is used to ship crops. Bring him around the field, put the crops in the bag and they are automatically shipped.

The other animals you run into are involved in events, or are just for visual appeal.

Butterfly: Little buggers that fly around during the Spring and Summer seasons. Don't mind them.

Frog: These creatures will pop out when you cut up the Grass on your farm.

Moles: These pesky little critters will pop from underneath the ground when you plant seeds. Place your dog near them to scare them away.


P-Chan: This is Ellen's pet in the back room of the Restaurant. You can hear it chirp at you if you try to talk to it. This bird will come into play when it comes time for an event with Ellen.

Rabbit: In the Winter, you will see Eve's Grandfather (Hunter) with a Rabbit. You can set the rabbit free by saying you will pay 1000 Gold for the Rabbit (you won't lose the Gold). The Hunter will say you have a good heart and let the Rabbit go free.

Squirrels: Usually you will see them running around the mountain. Don't mind them.

Wild Dogs: These creatures are never to be seen but they disturb your animals during the night. They will scare your Cows or eat your Chickens if you leave them outside at night. They will also break down your fence unless your Dog is kept outside to scare them away.

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