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Ushi No Tane
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Hidden Secrets

Bell Tree

Bell Tree: Sometime during the winter the Hawker will stop by your farm. He says that he has a money tree for you, but it costs 20000 Gold. Although it is a lot of money, buy it anyway because instead of it being a money tree, it has a Bell in the tree. Instead of having to call your Cows in at night, the Bell tree does it automatically for you! This will save you plenty of time.

Free Watch: If you buy a Super Deluxe Log Cabin (biggest edition) by the end of the first summer you will get this.

Give Birth the Easy Way: First of all you must have a mature Cow. Second, go out and buy a medicine potion and a miracle potion. Then give the miracle potion to your Cow and immediately after that, give your Cow a medicine potion. In three days your Cow will give birth instead of waiting the 30 days.

Golden Egg When the Hawker comes by your farm and asks to trade a magic bean for your Cow, do it. Then go to the Mountain Summit and plant the magic bean. After it grows, climb it. You will find a golden chicken. Go to the Market on the Weekend and visit the Peddler to sell him the chicken's Golden Egg for 10,000 G.

How Are You Doing: This is a good indicator of how you are doing so far in the game. If you want the endings to be a surprise, don't use this code. If you want to know what endings you would get, then do the following. While you go to sleep at night, the screen will go black. It is at this time you are to hold R, L, Start, and Select (at the SAME time) and it will show you what endings you would get at this point in time.

More Wood: Chop the wood near the Carpenter's House. Then enter the Carpenter's House for a second, and leave. The stumps you had just chopped will reappear.

Protect Your Fences: As long as your dog is outside, your fences will not break (unless it snows or rains).

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