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Ushi No Tane
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Peddler and Hawker

The Shop

Every weekend in Town, the Peddler will stop by and have a table set up near the main entrance. You can sell him items for more money then what you would make by shipping them. Place the item on the table to sell it to him. Below is a list of items he will buy from you and how much he will pay for them.

Egg50 G100 G
Small Milk150 G200 G
Medium Milk250 G300 G
Large milk350 G400 G
Golden Egg---10,000 G
Potato80 G160 G
Turnip60 G120 G
Tomato80 G100 g
Corn120 G240 G

The Peddler also has a few items for sale throughout the game. You can buy Rare Seeds from him for 2000 G each, and when it's time to marry your girl he sells the Blue Feather for 5000 G.

The Hawker is a man who seldom stops by your farm. He can sometimes bring you good fortune, but other times he will rip you off with fake items. Below is a list of items that the Hawker will sometimes sell you.

Power Berry: If you trade a chicken to the Hawker in the Fall of your 1st year then you will earn one of the 10 possible Power Berries.

Bell Tree

Bell Tree: In Winter of your 1st year you can buy this for 20,000 G. He says that this is a money tree bringing you many riches, but really it is a Bell Tree. It turns out very useful because it calls in your animals at night.

Magic Bean: In the Fall season of year 2, you can trade for this magical lentil if you give up 1 cow. Plant the seed at the top of the Mountain and it will grow into a giant Beanstalk. Climb the Beanstalk to receive a Golden Chicken.

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