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P.Berries and Stamina

Power Berries are used to help increase the amount of stamina that you have each day. There are 10 possible Power Berries.

1. Plow your field with your Hoe until you find one (may take a while, there is no trick to this one).
2. Plow your field again using your Hoe to find another Power Berry.
3. The morning you wake up to an Earthquake, head on over to the Goddess' Pond. Chop the tree stumps around her pond and one will have a hole underneath it. Drop down into the hole and you will be rewarded with a Power Berry.
4. Catch a fish in the fishing pond and throw the fish back in.
5. Go to the Back Hill and use your Axe to chop up the tree stumps.
6. Once you have achieved the Golden Hammer, smash the Chicken Statue with it at the Crossroads.
7. Sometime in the Fall an opportunity will arise where you can trade a Chicken for a Power Berry with the Peddler.
8. At the Harvest Festival, bring along a Full Moon Plant or a Large Fish.
9. Go to the Egg Festival and you can win a Power Berry.
10. During the Winter, go up to the Summit and plant a seed of Snowflower.

While playing this game, your Hero will slowly lose stamina (or energy) from working each day. Each day you start off with 100 points, and as you do work you loose points.

Points Start: 100 Pts Sweat: 50 Pts Breath Hard: 25 Pts Collapse: 0 Pts

You can recharge your stamina points by eating food or using the Spa in the Mountain area. Simply go to the Spa, jump in and out about 5 or 6 times and your done! It will recover all of your Stamina back to 100 points!

Edible Points Cake: 50 Pts Fish: 10 Pts Herbs: 10 Pts Moon Flower: 50 Pts Mushroom: 10 Pts Poisonous Mushroom: -10 Pts Tropical Fruit: 10 Pts Wild Grapes: 10 Pts

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